17/ 10/ 2013


 Who ever thinks that I don’t get insecure must get a big  trophy-bigger than the Emmy’s with your name engraved in gold and silver(we need a sponsor) hear ye-hear ye…. applause applause(not the lady Gaga song,I’m not a big fan of hers,it’s because I’m a big Seinfeld fan instead-they had a headline moment once-just google the details).
 The ugly duckling stage of my life has gone passed along with my puberty,and what’s left are the signs of time…let’s call them wisdom,wisdom tooth???nope,,,, “fine laugh lines”that is-if you want to replace the most denied word among 30 something and older men and women(let me whisper it softly…..wrinkles).The ugly duckling has turned into a beautiful CONFIDENCE,with sporadic,non-sustained insecurities every once in awhile.
 Insecurities are feelings that should not scare us,because it’s our unconscious way of acknowledging that someone in this competitive universe was created better than us,It’s equivalent to the humbling word HUMBLE(whoaaa another round of applause).
 Let’s not feel bad about our insecurities,we cannot all be Megan Young,Olivia Palermo or Candace Bushnell,learning to live with it is a great sign of maturity!!!that’s what I always tell myself.
 Let me end this post by enumerating my insecurities:
1.My vitiligo-they look like the world map,only that,the world looks like it’s 95% covered with water.
2.My thighs-too wide.
3.My nose-is flat it’s hard to find a good fitting eye glass.
4.My feet-my fourth toe always pushes my pinky toe out of a my flip flops.
5.My arms-are too big,I don’t wear sleeveless.
6.I’m introverted-that’s why I don’t talk to everybody,only to a very few,not because you’re not nice it’s a good example of “it’s me not you”.
7.I cannot multiply,add or divide double digits without using a calculator-that’s why I’m a nurse,I am math challenged,and those are my top 7,the list can get endless but let’s not do that.
Do you have insecurities too???
Thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo.

6 responses to “INSECURITIES”

  1. Nadia Cohen says:

    Love this post…insecurities are what makes us human.

  2. IndianSavage says:

    Interesting post sweetie. I don’t know…..I had insecurities, but now I try to live thinking about the good things in my life and not what people think 😉
    The diary of a fashion apprentice

  3. Bing says:

    Thanx Orangeyouclassy.

  4. great post! i definitely get feelings of insecurity still, i don’t think it ever truly goes away.


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