26/ 10/ 2013

Just Do It


 After I finished college this was April of 1997 (I’m a nurse by the way,who never wanted to be one-but for some reasons became one,I’m not complaining-infact I don’t know what I would be if I’m not a nurse),I went back home to the countryside(I studied in Manila-the capital of my Philippines),landed my first nursing job four months after that.I was soooo young then but have always thought I was old,so I acted like I knew everything and made the biggest mistakes in my life-and learned from them.I was also proud,restless and ambitious,but I have no regrets.


Three months after my big dip into the real world,real patients and that distinct hospital smell,a sweet realization of a childhood dream stumbled upon me,I heard 96.9 FM,a local radio station in Abra was looking for new DJs–(not D’janitor-a disc jockey),so I auditioned,,,on that day I was asked to Introduce a “Renz Verano” song and I still remember how I delivered it-I said….”You saw him on TV,read about him on the news paper and today here he is on 96.9 FM,,,(pause pause)Renz Verano with”Remember Me”.


A week later I got a message from our neighbor who works at the radio station and lives 15 houses pass ours(well approximately 15 houses),because we do not have a phone,an internet or a beeper and that’s how we communicated back then,he told my aunt that I passed the audition,and for the first time in my life I felt what it’s like to be in 7th heaven(it was a smile that refused to end-a smile that did not care whether someone would think I’m crazy) because I got what I really really really wanted (nope I was not happy for myself when I got my BSN license),that feeling was actually a repeat,my first was  my first kiss(wink,wink-cute high school memory).


Working on a radio station made me an instant celebrity in our small town,I had fans and of course anti fans(we can never please everybody),I’m not kidding but most people knew who I am,I received gifts of all sorts and had admirers ranging from a firefighter,police man,nurse,accountant,student and some married men???(but Boyfriend won the battle)…People who were not really friends with me suddenly became instant friends(funny hu??but scenarios like this happen everyday).During my fame all sorts of rumors came along with it,but I managed to move on and learned when to fight and when to give up.


But like every fairytale,my childhood dream had to end.I left my dream job and went back to the city to be a city nurse because like I said I’m ambitious…..and the rest is history.


When we had these photos taken I actually didn’t have a story in mind to go with it,but that Nike check mark in my shirt,reminded me of my DJ goodbye lines which kind of similar to their “just do it” slogan.Every night before I play my last song and say bye,I would say”Do the do what you gonna do,This is Becky Boop from head to toe-sayinggg…with that my job is done here,I’ll see you all tomorrow,same place same time same station-this is 96.9 PRO radio”and then my parting song was almost always the Beatles’ “I’ll follow the sun”,same song I played on my last day at the radio station,I sure do miss that job,but they say everything happens for a reason and let’s keep that way.

So what about you???what’s your dream job??and when was your first kiss???



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6 responses to “Just Do It”

  1. czest says:

    Before i came in SG i still hear some of ur commercial ads, haha.. I remember becky boop everytym i hear one of urs.. 😀 .. I remember those days 😉 .. Love.ur voice in the radio! U were the best DJ then! .. 😉 B-)

  2. Fei says:

    I remembered your name “Becky boop” well 🙂

  3. bobi says:

    if not for my thick accent, i’d also love to be a dj in a smalltown in pinas someday 😀 remember i told you something about retiring early, in maybe 10 years?

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