13/ 08/ 2013

K-POP Fever

      Do you guys watch Korean films?what about Korean soaps?whattt??? you don’t!!! well you should because the side effects are smile inducing,and here’s some of them(side effects).I want to dress like the Korean girls,eat what they eat,drink soju ( which i can’t find in the valley of the sun),speak Korean—which is the most frustrating part (I promise even if it’s frustrating it still is smile inducing,anyong,saranghe-saranghe,kamsahamnida at least I learned the sweet kind words first and that’s because no one(Korean friend,wish I have one) is around to teach me the bad korean words),and the craziest and most grin inducing  side effect(of K-pop) in me is,,,,,I want to be that girl in Korean dramas holding hands with Lee Dong Wook….(eeeeehhhhhhhhhh),I heart you Lee Dong Wook,,,you guys need to see “The scent of a woman” (availble in Netflix)and then you will understand what I’m talking about.What about you???who’s your favorite K-pop prince???.
Thanx for visiting my blog and triple thanx for reading it,saranghe kamsahamnida.xoxo.
(Target brand dress,CR shoes)

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