11/ 09/ 2013

Kegel It

(above photo is Bing in her feeling “I’m invincible”state)

If you’ve been following my blog you probably know now that I’m in my 30’s and that I have kids,three to be exact(just hang in there you’ll see the connection later).Today let me share my latest LLTHW (lesson learned the hard way),do you know that feeling of “that’s not gonna happen to me”???and then you realized that it’s actually happening already???well something like that happened to me recently,,,,yesterday while doing my routine walk,I tried to run instead of just walking,then something I’m still in denial of,happened ….dribbling!!! huwaattt???I know I feel like 17 act like 26 but in reality my biological body is old (cry cry),you have no idea how that freaked me out.

So today let’s talk about dribbling and kegel exercise,first let’s define dribbling,it is a form of urinary incontinence characterized by slow or thin stream of urine (it’s a shame I have that,but it only happens when I run and it’s curable(there is HOPE you guys),but all you ladies out there are at risk specially moms,let me scare you a little bit),and Kegel is an exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. 
(source mayoclinic.com)
I learned KEGEL in nursing school,read about it on fitness magazines,but have never done it because I’m the type who sometimes think that I’m invincible(cry cry again) 

AND THAT’S IT FOR TODAY,SEE YOU ALL ON MY NEXT POST………………..just kidding,of course I have to tell you a short cut to kegel exercise,books and health websites will have instructions for you,but here’s the easy way of doing it,next time you use the restroom to urinate try to intentionally hold your pee for a few seconds and then let go(yeah that’s the feel of kegel,and you can do it  discreetly just about anytime)easy wasn’t it???…ladies please don’t wait for your first symptom to appear,kegel it now,it will save you from worrying later.
P.S.no I don’t wear adult diaper yet,and promise all sources said it’s curable.
(above photo is Bing contemplating,to jump or not to jump..she’s like “waaaaaaa I have dribbling”)
(Now that above photo is a total mystery,what happened to Bing???,did she jump??to be continued….)

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