11/ 10/ 2013

Kid For A Day

The notion that I love shoes is something I can’t deny…all evidences are pointing at me,but the veracity behind finding a good deal still levitates from this blogger’s heart,in fact today’s really really good find  is a 50% off all purchase at Converse outlet,this really really sick sporty gladiator shoes were $12 after my whopping 50% off discount,someone who’s heart is light and easy to please cannot help but jump for joy.
I chose the black gladiator,just because I believe that black blends with any color.
A little tip:I tied the end of my maxi dress to expose my shoes,you don’t want to hide a sick shoes like this do you???


Weeee,I heart Manila(Manila is the capital of my country Philippines).
I really am not a girl my shadow shows the real me,plus I’m bald too(just kidding,this photo and the background wasn’t intentional,but it turned out good though,thanx to my photographer Martina).
Say hello to the gang,that’s Boyfriend with our minions. 
And maybe I should end each post with a shoe photo,mmm???not a bad idea…,what do you think??
Thanx for visiting my blog today,and OH by the way if you’ve been following Gossip Girl,the final season is now available on Netflix,thanx to my friend Leslie for the update,xoxo.

2 responses to “Kid For A Day”

  1. Alwaysyourmusic says:

    Nicekicks!and u look great its as if u havent aged a bit!remember the comments of your patients that they thought your just 18?now i couldnt agree more of my suspicions that you are the real Bella from Twilight!haha cheers!

    • Bing says:

      thanx alwaysyourmusic for loving my kicks,and I’m definitely not Bella but I might be related to the Cullens though haha,thanx for visiting my blog:)

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