03/ 10/ 2013

Laid Back

Effortless is a black shirt,old plaid trouser and a comfy beyond definition red converse shoes,I think I just wanna feel and look laid back this season,let’s see how long this mood is gonna reign my ever changing persona.
That black shirt is a Walmart brand,same brand as my favorite gray shirt $7,I had that trouser since 2007,,,I think I already told you to keep your old clothes and recycle them right???
and while others say when in doubt accessorize???,I say “when in doubt-wear black”.

Below is a photo my new discovery(ooooo I’m so happy I came here I had a stone massage-first time)the aroma the moment you walk in,the vibrance and enthusiasm those girls display….is all worth every penny,this is one of those places that will make you mutter to your self “I don’t wanna leave this place”.

And this is the best way to describe what’s in store for you in this place…..(hahaha that’s definitely not me I know my legs are hairy but I’m not furry)don’t you envy this scenario???those white fluffy towels,and soothing cucumber,..you too deserve something like this,life is short let’s live a little.


 Below is my “before”photo:

and here’s the “after” photo…well I know I don’t look any different,because I had a massage.I did not have a plastic surgery…(hahaha just trying to be funny).
And sure I had to treat my minion for always being patient and helpful with all my photo shoots(two of the older ones are in school).

This is genius!!! see that lever in between?that evenly mixes two yogurt flavors together(correct me if I’m redundant)…haaaaa to the eight octave….genius.

DISCLAIMER:I was not paid to endorse the places posted above,but as I always say,good places like this cannot be left unshared.

 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.


3 responses to “Laid Back”

  1. Bing says:

    thanks orangeyouclassy:)

  2. Bing says:

    Thanx Jasmin E,visiting my blog I know takes a minute or two,leaving a comment here is touching,I know that’s an effort…thanx for your support:)

  3. jasmin E says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing cause you’re born to be an entertainer girlfriend!

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