04/ 11/ 2013

Late Lunch Early Dinner Part 1

Do you know why sushi is always served with wasabi???
I’ll tell you in just a little while.Last Saturday which was the 2nd-of November,me and my conniving friends decided to steal Leslie on her 31st birthday(steal from her husband Chris-but he joined us for late lunch and set us free for the rest of the night) and since I am the official event planner of the group,I decided we go restaurant hopping.
Our first stop was at  a small Japanese eatery along 7th. ave and Missouri(here in Phoenix AZ)called Hana,which is one of my gals suggestion(thanx Liza Merchant,we had a great time),everything we ordered to me were 4.5/5 just because the serving was small but taste wise 5/5,price???affordable ambiance 3.5/5 and customer service 5/5,(and who am I to rate???I’m a customer!!!!alright).
    Commercial Break:This post will not be complete without my outfit post,I know we’re suppose to be talking about food,but I made sure my photos will not ruin your appetite,haha.
This is their version of Alaskan roll,me and my friend Yvonne were the only true blood,hardcore sushi eater in the group….and we rated this 5/5.
This is their Ebi tempura which was served with vegetables,well I guess we can call this shrimp and vegetable tempura 4/5,because the menu said shrimp when it could have said shrimp and vegetables right???
This is their version of Vegas roll for Leslie-the birthday girl,Sheila and Jen-who were not hardcore sushi eater,and I refused to rate this haha,just because(and thanks goodness I was able to get a photo of the last piece).
The shiny thing on the plate is not oil or maybe it is,but who cares we went there to devour Japanese food,and this is called Kaki(ehem this blogger sure took notes,thanx to Sheila for the pen),and they are oysters breaded and fried to perfection.
Now,where’s the confetti???meet the birthday girl(bare faced no make up-Leslie who sure is prettier than that lobster(please don’t kill me for comparing you to the lobster Leslie).
Udon noodles,remember if you’re in a Japanese restaurant,big fat noodles like these are called “udon”,I have tasted some before but this was awesome.
Now meet my two equally beautiful(bare faced-no make up) friends Jen my psychologist/nurse friend and Sheila my cook/nurse friend,,don’t worry you will meet Yvonne on part two of this post.

Our second helping of sushi,this time we accidentally ordered???or we were accidentally served with shrimp tempura (shrimp,avocado and rice) and second helping of Alaskan roll (California roll with fresh salmon),which ever way the ending was a happy tummy.

A free dessert from Hana—Happy birthday Leslie,but our late lunch and early dinner will not end here,we had to hop to another restaurant for a pure dessert overload.

Now its time to reveal the answer to the question,why is sushi always served with wasabi???

Well 200 years ago when food sanitation was not as advanced as today yet,to prevent food poisoning-people in Japan used wasabi to kill bacteria from the raw fish,wasabi is a potent food antibacterial agent(if you can call it that,it can even kill e-coli).Now you know wasabi is not just a condiment.
RESTAURANT HOPPING TO BE CONTINUED:see you on my next post,and I promise I have more smiles on Part 2.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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  1. IndianSavage says:

    Lovely pics!!! Your outfit is so cool.
    The Indian Savage Diary

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