06/ 11/ 2013

Late Lunch,Early Dinner Part 2

 Do you know when to use desert versus dessert???when referring to your sweet treats???,keep scrolling I promise I’ll tell you later.
Heres my promise(smile),the part two of our restaurant hopping lunch and dinner and like the first part,photo pop ups of my self is unavoidable(lots of haha).
This is Ika Kara Age (or better known for its Italian name calamari),still from Hana Japanese Eatery.
This is a better photo of the Kaki (breaded oyster).
And this is the Asari Sake Mushi(wow,am I impressive or what???I told ya I took notes,I’m a blogger remember???),this are obviously clams,but unlike any other clams this was steamed with sake-which is a Japanese rice wine.
 And finally that’s Yvonne to my right which is your left,please do yourself a favor,don’t zoom this photo I have undigested food stuck between my braces(pardon me for being human),don’t  tell me I didn’t warn you.
This post is not called part 2 without a reason,here’s the second restaurant we hopped into,(this place was also suggested by my pretty Italian/Mexican gal Liza Merchant-thanx Liza).The place is called Seasons 52,they are located at the Biltmore Fashion Park (24th St. and Camelmack,Phoenix AZ).
And we came here for dessert and wine(we had a designated driver-we made it home safe,I wouldn’t be blogging if we didn’t ooohh defensive),and I’m not exaggerating but we ordered all the dessert on the menu except for the fresh fruit cup(haha again),I know I know we will think of all calories after this,we were here to indulge anyway,and please visit them for “indulgence” you won’t regret you listened to Bing Your Style.
 And sure we had a little wine,our server was good and accommodating(so we tip him generously),he suggested a wine that went perfectly with the dessert and my notes became blurry after the wine,now I can’t tell you the wine specifications(I’ll make it up to you next time,more wine please).
From L-R front row:My favorite Belgian Chocolate Rocky Road,Pumpkin Pie with Ginger Snap Crust,Mocha Macchiato.
 Leslie’s personal choice for picture taking purposes  the Key Lime Pie.
 We only ordered a glass of red wine and shared it among us five,because we had to see a movie after dessert.
 From L-R:front row partially cut off Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli,Pumpkin Pie and chocolate peanut butter mousse.
 Partially hidden behind the Key Lime Pie is the Pecan Pie with Vanilla Mousse.
Here’s our friend Yvonne again with her close up moment:)
And we ended our night with a Filipino film,we went to see Bea Alonzo’s “She’s the One” at Cinemark 16 in Meza,thanx to our husbands for taking care of the kids.
That photo of me says “I’m so full and ready for bed”,,,but before that (bed time) here’s the answer to the question,dessert versus desert???which one refers to the sweet treats???..just remember “DESSERT is twice as sweet”,,,(okay,let me simplify dessert has two “S” thus the phrase “twice as sweet” got it???
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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