29/ 09/ 2013

Less Than A Hundred

The plethora of celebrating special occasions can get overwhelming,as adults we sometimes overlook the definition of fun in a child’s heart.This year rather than extravagance,I dedicated in searching for ways to spend a hundred bucks for my kindergartner’s 6th  birthday without flouting her true joy as a kid.
Here’s the  receipt of what we’ve spent today:
amusement park-$37
Ice cream shop-$13
birthday cupcake,candies and a DVD rental-$11
I definitely reached my goal of spending a hundred or less,but the effect was priceless,the kids said thank you a million times today(or the equivalent).
The Interior of this ice cream shop,is true to its slogan “ol fashion ice cream parlor”,the music suited the mood,the pink walls,the black and white stripes as an accent plus the server’s uniform made us feel like a time machine took us 4 decades back.
Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to promote “Mary Coyle” ice cream parlor but as I always say,something as fun as this place cannot be left unshared.
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