03/ 02/ 2014

Life Is A Piece Of Cake

     No body said it was easy,there is no shortcut to success,even a good cake takes precision,practice,determination and tons of mistake to achieve a praise worthy one,life is the same.

It was windy when we took this photos,but I told Boyfriend we had to make it work,,,I didn’t want to waste this outfit without blogging about it,Life is kind of the same,when something starts to feel like it’s not working out,we have to find ways to make it work specially when we’re still capable,because there is alway a way.

I have given up my cell phone this year(Yes I’ve been cell phone free for over 7 mo. now),we don’t have a cable,we don’t have TFC when most Filipino household in America has it,I’ve been drooling over a shoe for the last few months but have been fighting against the urge to buy it,because more people needs the same amount as the shoe,cable and TFC’s cost to get by each day.All the  things I could have bought for myself were set aside because I have been happier to spend them to what I thought was a good cause.

I have always believed in the saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”(Thanx Irene for posting this on your FB wall) .I forgot to consider the question “what if these people refuse to fish”???.

Even good intentions fail sometimes,I always wanted to share what little I have so that later on,the people I love will get to experience what it feels like to reap the fruits of labor,but I guess affinity by blood  is not a reassurance that your visions are the same.

My misfortunes always come from other people screwing me up.But if i seat and “cry over a spilled milk” my misfortunes will multiply a hundred folds.Let’s just say that everything happens for a reason,so let me convince myself that this is an early “birthday present”,I need an early realization that help is worthless to people REFUSING help.

It will be an emotional torture to see people go(looking forward to a happy ending),but I guess it’s a  price I have to pay for trusting too much,I screwed up again,it’s definitely a dejavu,the only consolation I can think of,is to thank Heavens I only have 2 siblings.

(I’m sorry for my sentiments,I’m at the angry stage of grieving process,but thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo.)

Thanks for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Life Is A Piece Of Cake”

  1. Bing says:

    Karen B.

    Message: WOW!!!!!GF…….that was awesome!!!!!I have to share this. It is pretty powerful for me!!! It is very had to do, everything that you said. Sence the day i met you i have always been inspired by you. But, this was so well said!!!! Thank-you for sharing!!! Miss you!!

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