07/ 09/ 2013

Make An Ordinary Extra Ordinary

         anything blank for me is a canvas,when my light bulb flickers,I cannot just sit and do nothing that’s my manic side(please don’t be scared although I sound bipolar,I really am not or maybe mild,which still makes me harmless)Ideas,inspiration and budget  for me should jive……so last week while strolling the aisles of Target(one of my favorite stores),I found this yellow throw pillows they were not on sale but they were 14 bucks(2 for $14 is a good deal for me,considering that there are endless of possibilities to it)and I thought they were perfect to add color to our space,and like my style principles I also follow the rule no.3(which is the 3 color rule)in decorating any space in our crib.

 Above is a photo of the plain yellow pillow,following my 3 color rule where I used black and silver as a non-color,let’s count the colors 1.yellow 2.green 3.the printed pillows the orange flowers and green apples color coordinated with the printed pillows and the yellow pillow matched the black and yellow painting which falls under the 3 color rule,doesn’t it???
Above is the after photo,I couldn’t help but grin while writing this,I know I did not give justice to the after photo the before looks way better,but anyway I added a white ribbon to the pillow,I used white just because it’s the only one available,I did not buy that ribbon,plus white is a non-color in this case,(hush hush okay okay I’ll take a better photo next time),tip:you can use ribbon to organize books,add detail to a plain lamp shade,a flower vase or just anything blank,and don’t forget to color coordinate.
TIP:Colors you can use as base or non-color are as follows:
black,white,silver and gray,no more no less.
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