03/ 11/ 2016



It’s that time of the year when no one cares how much make up you wear, no one cares if you’re bloated or puffy, have a bad hair day, chipped nails and pale lips, it’s all part of the costume haha.

No body cares if you’re wearing pajama, just show up say trick or treat, and most often than not, you’ll get a treat.

Halloween is a good thing, it’s a happy thing, patios are lit, neighbors open their doors, you get to say hi to them, and most of all you get free candies with a smile.

Last year I was a cat, not in the hat haha, but yeah I was a cat.

This year I decided to be a mime for a night.

What were you last Halloween?

Who ever you were, I hope you had fun, I did.

Thanks for coming over.

Top:F21/suspender and shoes:H&M/culottes:No Namer/socks:Target

Photo credit: Martina

hugs, Bing♥



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