31/ 03/ 2014

Mom Was A Genie For A Day

Last week our little girl turned 5 (please wipe my tears,I’m getting older),and for the longest time she’s been too excited to wear her Halloween costume again,she wanted a “princess tea party” for her birthday,and as a mom (who’s known for being stingy,the idea of recycling her costume sounded really good to me),who am I to ignore that little wish, today on this post let me share our precious bonding moment before her big princess event (the older girls were in school,I have to explain my self right???).

Happy Monday everyone.


 And oh,don’t miss that little (huge) B detail on our fridge…I love my name so much.
 No frosting on our cupcakes,we used pink chocolate melts and a store-bought cupcake topper to make these cupcakes look princess worthy.
This is my favorite,I wonder what a 5 year old is thinking when she looks at her mom like that.
Here’s our little one’s precious princess moment:)
 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo. 

2 responses to “Mom Was A Genie For A Day”

  1. Elle Berman says:

    Bing. You daughter is such a beauty! How lucky she is to have a gorgeous genie for a mom! love the strawberries and decorated cupcakes ! Of course that sweet angel deserves to be a princess!
    LOVED this post !!
    XX. Elle


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