06/ 09/ 2013

My Canvas

“It’s easier said than done”…every single cell of my brain believes to the fullest extent to that saying,and indeed “it’s okay”…is really easy to say,but sometimes I swear I wake up in the middle of my sleep because of a “vitiligo nightmare” (or call that day mare because I’m nocturnal and I sleep at daytime),it’s my whole entire face (I know that’s redundant but I have to emphasize my fear) is invaded by vitiligo then I couldn’t go back to sleep,,,,I’m sure we all have our flaws and insecurities let this vitiligo be mine.People around me knows I look like a homeless person when I go to work(that is so true,I don’t wear make up to work,but promise I always shower) and boyfriend knows how long it takes for me to get ready (approximately an hour,from shower to make up) because I have to look 180 degrees different on special occasions,so just give this to me ladies let me wear my make up,using my face as my canvas helps me boost my confidence up a little bit.

P.S. guys please suggest a good make up brand,I noticed that my melanin deprived parts do not hold foundation and concealers very well,I’m currently using Loreal,thanks.

(H&M top,Gap shorts,arm swag from Aero-everything  from clearance sale)

Disclaimer:All photos edited using “morebeaute’2” app,I am not flawless like that.

Thanks for visiting my blog,xoxo.♥♥♥

2 responses to “My Canvas”

  1. Jenny says:

    Visiting you blog site has become an everyday habit. It gives me some sense of fashion. 🙂 Love the ideas and admire seeing those ideas put into action. You really are a complicated girl with many facets and assets. Keep blogging and we’ll keep reading…. 🙂

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