14/ 02/ 2014

My Green Valentine

Boyfriend and I have never been to a Valentine’s date ever,,,9 years married,21 years together but he only gave me flowers on Valentine’s day ones,and that’s because I forced him to (I used to be idealistic or childish).

 Over the years of being together I became more realistic,I learned to separate Boyfriend from my “perfect guy” fantasies,I realized I cannot make him “that” guy from a romantic novel.

I used to feel bad and get heart-broken when I made a “rule” that he needs to say “I LOVE YOU” each night before going to bed,,,and each night he forgets, I would cry,felt less loved and start a fight (most miseries are man-made,don’t you think?),But the older our relationship got,the more I learned to accept his unique ways of showing his affection (it did not happen over night though).

 Boyfriend never took me to a candle lit dinner but he always make sure to ask what I want to eat before he cooks anything(well except on the days that we fight).He does not open the car door for me,but he makes sure my car never runs out of gas,he does not pull the chair for me on a dining table but he always makes sure my lunch is ready each day I go to work(wether we fought or not),he never gave me a boxed present,but he gets a box of tissue next to me when he knows I’m about to cry watching my Korean drama.
 Boyfriend is not without flaws,but if I focus on his flaws it’ll be like focusing on a small dot on a big chalk board,And so to save myself a heartache this Valentine’s day and all the  other special occasions,I did what I do best to “expect less and appreciate more”.HAPPY VALENTINE’S EVERYONE.

P.S.This green tea candies are my Valentine’s present from Boyfriend,he sure knows the CHEAP way to make me happy….^_^.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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