29/ 07/ 2013

My Skinny Genes

Nike shoes,Nike socks.

        I am not bragging but  I always get complimented about my size and how I am able to eat anything I want and not gain anything,I must admit they are right, I love to eat and manage to keep my ideal weight,but what they don’t know is that I inherited my father’s gene my “hypercholesterolemia” gene…..well maybe I am exaggerating maybe I don’t really have a high cholesterol but hey,,the last time I checked my cholesterol level was 167mg/dl already and I am not even 40 yet (normal value is below 200 mg/dl),okay okay you can call me paranoid,but recently with my attempts to defy that gene,I started a workout plan that works for me.Everyday after my 12 hour shift (by the way I work nights,3-4x a week) I go straight to a park(which I call my no membership fitness center) near our house,I brisk walk twice around  the area and voila!!! I get my sweats,I know I am no-fitness guru but guys If I can do it and so can you,find a fitness plan that works for you and try to stick to it.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “My Skinny Genes”

  1. Thank you Rowena,and thanx for visiting my blog xoxo.

  2. rowena cordova says:

    Bing…bing…you are such a wonderful person inside and out….

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