25/ 03/ 2014

My Thai

     Baz Luhrmann said “don’t read beauty magazines,it will only make you feel ugly”,although that isn’t always true,food magazines  however always make me HUNGRY,I hope you’re not too hungry right now because today I’m sharing some of the food photos I took on our last Thai restaurant indulgence.

Have fun drooling guys,if you ever decide to eat Thai soon here’s what I recommend 1.Their water 2.vegetable salad with Thai satay sauce 3.sea food tom yum 4.vegetable fried rice.

Good luck,and ooh!!! don’t forget their Thai iced tea,,,mmmm yummy,but it’s lent…let’s eat in moderation.

P.S. Watch Baz Luhrmann’s “everybody’s free”…I loved him the first time I heard him,and I promise you will too:).

P.P.S. Although he (Baz) is not the actual voice on the recording,the song “everybody is free” is credited to him and the vocals were of Lee Perry’s.


 I didn’t want to waste this photo,that’s why this is here,otherwise I don’t really recommend their egg roll.
 Beef with basil,you know how “basil” has that reputation of making everything it touches “magical”,but no I can’t have this yet,maybe after lent,but the aroma and the gang told me it’s 5/5.
 Vegetable fried rice like no other,their rice was glistening (hehe can’t find another adjective) but it’s 5/5 you guys:)
There is something about their water,the best tasting water ever,,,you got to try this.
This place is called Sala Thai they’re located at 432 N. Litchfield Rd #304,Goodyear,AZ
The only entrée I can have this Lent,their seafood TOM YUM 5/5.
I attempted several times (past Thai restaurant visits) to get to dessert but have always failed (too full to have sweets),that’s why on this occasion,I made sure I ordered the dessert first,but was disappointed,it wasn’t as good as I’ve expected,but it deserves a second chance,I’m definitely going to try this again.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “My Thai”

  1. elb743 says:

    Loved this post, the pictures are fantastic, and yes, I am now very hungry !!
    XX, Elle

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