01/ 01/ 2015

New Year’s Resolution


Last year as part of my new year’s resolution,I pledged to

1.plant a tree,which I did (I planted 2 this year-you’ll see them when they’re bigger).

2.Sleep more,which I’m sure you felt during my lack of posts.

3.Read one book a month,being a slow reader I’m happy to have exceeded 12.

and 4.To exercise more,,,the only resolution I wasn’t too consistent about.

Looking back I feel good counting my accomplishments,and this year as a New Year’s resolution,I’d like to continue the same pledge,and to challenge my self more,I’d like to add 4 more on my list.

5.Be punctual (I’m a big failure on this).

6.Be 85% caffeine free,as we speak I haven’t had coffee for the last 5 months,the last one was (I remember clearly) July 16,2014,but I still eat chocolate and drink tea (sometimes) which makes me non-compliant with my vitiligo treatment.

 7. (for adults only) More s–,before I get too old to perform .

and 8.No or very little nail polish,this year (special occasions only).

P.S. And oh! got rid of my phone last year,this year I’m getting one but will not be a smart one”)-(I’m going back to analog).

Happy New year love,have fun writing your resolutions,Good luck.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

Share your thoughts it's free and it's awesome,hugs binG.

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