24/ 03/ 2015

Nobuo At Teeter House



This is where we celebrated my 39th birthday, at a Japanese restaurant called THE NOBUO AT TEETER HOUSE,I was a little (just slightly) disappointed with the place,not because the food tasted awful,but because the place was too tiny (it looked different from the photos on their website),you literally had to squeeze your butt between tables and chairs to move around,and unfortunately we shared  the space with a group of men and women who talked like they owned the place.

Everything deserves a second chance though,and I will definitely try this place again,because in all fairness, everything we ordered were presented nicely,the quality of food was awesome specially that we ordered some sashimi,I specifically loved their grapefruit and hamachi,and if I should go back,,,it’s for that reason,to taste their hamachi again.

TRIVIA:Did you know that hamachi is the Japanese term for yellow tail???,nice to know right?.

P.S. They don’t serve a separate white rice,we had to beg for an extra rice.



1.Dessert Trio-I forgot how much this was.

2.Grapefruit & Hamachi-$16

3.Pork belly wrapped in banana leaf-$16

4.Steamed clams,steamed in thin parchment paper-$16

5.Tako $ Tomato-$18.



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