29/ 08/ 2015



I had my bucket list super simplified this month,I had it trimmed down to anything that does not require going out (not in this 3 digit AZ weather, good alibi, why not) and spending money.

I’m surprised with my lack of cravings for shopping, eating out and long drives (I guess it’s my brain’s way of coping with my uncontrolled diminishing wallet size).

Welcome to the world of working class,which literally translates to less work less money (I have only been worrking 3 days a week).

It’s common for me to lounge over a melodramatic Korean soap (currently watching  The Time I loved You) or a good book (done with China Rich Girlfriend 4.5/5 stars).

But it’s a scary fact that I have become a devotee of “instant noodles” (ugh! to all the sodium),no shower days (pardon my lack of love for hygiene but I wash special parts promise) exaggerated long deep slumber and my lack of concern for filling my old bucketlist (what happened to the I want to see the world?).

Once in a while the reality of “I need to make breakfast”, “drop the kids off to school etc”, thugs me out of my make-believe “I don’t have duties” life , but it doesn’t take that long before I go back to savoring my own bubble of I love to stay home mode,I don’t want to be disturbed,I love the smell of dirty sheets and my familiar showerless self (sorry I’m gross).

Don’t worry,I know it’s not depression because I still love working out and blogging, I’m sure this is a good karma bound to happen, to compensate for my peasant – like life when I was younger,because back then, I can never be lazy without being yelled at.

P.S. I took a bath today.


Top:H&M turtle neck which I got for $5 bottom trifted $1.99.

Happy weekend you guys.




 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.



  1. Tega Enai says:

    I love your wall paper. Too beautiful!

    Tega Enai

  2. shamuboo says:

    Such fun and lively writing and the pictures are great! Bed pictures are always sort of intimate which is exciting for me. Picture 2 especially is such an amazing pose. You are so lovely and fun! Thanks for your sweet visit on my blog. Following you for sure 🙂 xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. Elle says:

    I adore this post, your wilting is so fun and self deprecating, but I am no fool. I can see you look completely well groomed even in the atrocious weather! I can’t believe you got that turtleneck for 1.99 It is only natural when it is hot, to be slower, that is normal. And we in this country bathe way too often, not good for our skin and this scorched planet… so you have it right… and good kharma is on its way!
    Cool hugs to you.
    xx, Elle

  4. eunice says:

    Sometimes all you need is a little time to chill and time to oneself.. I feel you! Great news is that you look as cute as you do comfy 🙂

    Eunice | penny for her thoughts

  5. kiki.anne says:

    I definitely have days (or weeks) where all I want to do is lay around the house! But sadly, real life responsibilities are always calling me. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  6. fergzillas says:

    maybe im just nosey haha! I love reading and learning more about people, obsessed with shows like big brother too haha! great post 🙂

  7. You look so cute! The shorts that you are wearing is really nice too. Your article is really entertaining, really worth to read. Have a nice day to you! 🙂

  8. Danielle says:

    I was once changing channels and stopped at one that was showing a Korean soap. It seemed interesting, so I watched all that episode and continued watching week after week. That is how my love for Korean soaps started. Have a nice day!


  9. Nikola K♥ says:

    Great post! love it 🙂 wanna follow each other on gfc? let me know! 🙂

    Kiss from Slovakia ♥ xoxo


  10. You are lucky that your working 3x ad week only
    I certainly can do anything with that a lot of time.
    You look so cute btw.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  11. Haha I def have my lazy days too when I don’t feel like doing anything and I eat snacks rather than cook meals! xoxo

  12. fionna says:

    I love how the last photo you’re holding a cup noodle hahaha that would be so me! x


  13. Uzo O says:

    I also enjoy long drives and shopping around while at it. The working life , tell me about it. It’s not depression, these things happen sometimes. Great post .

  14. If only we could all win the lottery and work only because we love it…btw, for a poor girl, you sure have a nice bed! 😛

    xx Yasmin

    • Bing says:

      Thanx Yasmin,thats the most expensive piece of furniture in the house,a real investment since I spent all my life sleeping on the floor.
      ,and thats my lottery ryt there.

  15. Danielle says:

    Loved reading this! Haha. You are funny!


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