06/ 09/ 2013

Payday Ritual

  Yay it’s Friday,for some it’s yay because they get to rest for the next two days which is the weekend,but for me it’s yay because it’s payday.Every other Friday I get to at least indulge,and a bouquet of flowers is always my indulgence slash payday ritual,because we don’t need flowers we want them,I WANT THEMMM!!!!!and all wants are indulgence.
I know this post clashes with my previous thrifty sounding post but let me defend my self your honor,,,,,,I have to see and smell the flowers now,I don’t want to wait until I can no longer appreciate them because I’m laying cold in my coffin(knock on wood,iyad-adayum apo),but that’s reality,we offer flowers to the dead,I’m not saying that it’s wrong,what I’m trying to say is why not make today that special day,it doesn’t have to be everyday,but if you’re reading this you might wanna go buy yourself flowers or give someone special a bouquet of flowers,make it a habit…and it will eventually become a ritual(I know I have tons of rituals blame it to my grandma-Martina).
(If you’re not a big fan of high heels try the mid-heel shoes,they are easier to walk with and looks as chic as the high ones,and you can wear them to just any outfit you decide,good luck)
(3 color rule example 1.blue hat 2.stripes shirt 3.denim shorts,I used the 4th color which is black as a non-color in this outfit)
(Macy’s hat,For ever21 top,DIY distressed Levi’s shorts,Adrienne Vittadini shoes)
Thanks for visiting my blog,xoxo.

4 responses to “Payday Ritual”

  1. Gweth says:

    Bing…. Well it’s kinda nice that we sorround ourselves with beautiful flowers which does make our day bright but also give me the fresh feeling inside my house. Here in North West.. A bouquet of flowers is very cheap esp in Pike Market where I can even purchase for $5, and that not a big cut any Moms by budget so I make sure I have a fresh one every Monday. Enjoy reading your blog, Sissy!

  2. Thanx Leslie for visiting my blog,xoxo.

  3. leslie says:

    Those are pretty flowers. That doesn’t work for me though I get depressed when they dry out and wilt. but your right everyone’s entitled to their own treat on payday. I got a distressed boyfriend pants. What’s yours?….

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