10/ 02/ 2014

Perfect Birthday

Life is not without complications,and our family is not an exception!!!,this dinner almost did not happen.
Last night while we were getting ready,our first-born was glaring in anger because she did not want to wear a dress,our second one was crying because she didn’t want to wear her jacket,thank Goodness the little one was at least excited to dress up and go out.
I must admit,no matter how compose I claim I am,,,It’s hard not to lose composure when it feels like no one seems to value a special occasion like this,everyone’s  suppose to be happy because it’s my birthday,and so I raised my voice and added more drama to the scene,,but the “show must go on” and one must at least stay firm and be cool with all the chaos,which in tonight’s case was Boyfriend.
Well as you can see,we all made it to dinner and had good laughs afterwards,I guess food is not an exclusive way to a woman’s heart,it is a way to everyone’s heart,because as the food started to come,the mood has suddenly changed,(I guess we were all just hungry)..and it turned out to be a perfect birthday after all.


P.S. My dress is from F21 I got it for 15 bucks,as I always say,we can be chic and look expensive without breaking our bank,right???.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.


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