19/ 03/ 2014

Phoenix View At Night


When in doubt wear black,when rushing  wear black again,because regardless of the season I think black (at night) is always safe.

Today aside from my thought about a “black dress” I’d like you guys to meet some of the sanest people I know,I’m the only one insane in the group,but birds with the same feathers flock together don’t they???so what does that make them??? hehe (photo below,from L-R Terrie,Cecil,May,Leslie,Jenny,Mary and our special guest “our little princess”).

Last week we celebrated Cecil and Mary’s birthday “the scenic” way,we went to the one and only revolving restaurant in Phoenix.The restaurant’s concept is to showcase Phoenix’s skyline from a 360 degree angle,which was awesome,but I think that the place is too ambitious “space wise”,If you will notice (photo below) that their table is crowded without  our plates yet,plus they tried to max their space by cramping us too close to each other, there by giving us very little room to enjoy our food.

Food was awesome though,as in triple awesome,the wine list was spectacular (thanx Terrie for the moscato) but they didn’t have cocktail drinks,not even a cosmopolitan (uhu that”s right SATC lang ang peg),service was slow (but for the benefit of the doubt,it was a weekend,but can they use that as an excuse???),there was nobody in the reception area when we got there (Oh Lord I’m mean),okay okay but their elevator is awesome because it was fast and with a view,but I’m sorry again because I have more negatives,when I made our reservation the “automated voice prompt” promised to validate our parking (the computer forgot to mention that valet parking was 12 bucks and that the validation will only give us $2 discount,okay I should stop!!!).

WELL THE FOOD AND THE VIEW NAILED IT,but I did not have a good experience,I’m sorry.

P.S. Let’s end this post with something positive…our server’s name is Julian-and he was awesome.

P.P.S. First photo by Jenny,last photo by Leslie.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

lobster chowder soup,5/5.
Awesome,Chilean sea bass served a’ la carte with spinach pesto risotto,wild mush rooms,and crispy spinach another 5/5.
Pineapple upside down,which I cannot rate because they finished it,before it can land in my lips,I guess that makes it 5/5.
No good,  flour less chocolate cake,sorry.
The birthday gals,you know that purse serves a double purpose right??? (Mary and Cecil).
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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