08/ 04/ 2014

Duchess Of Cambridge’s Style

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 1

Elegant,modest and classy,three adjectives I could think of to describe the Duchess’ style,whether she’s being dictated on what to wear or not (I know you will kill me for this) but I was never a fan of  her style (please let me explain),I feel sad and suffocated that she can’t wear distressed jeans,sheer tops,eclectic pumps or sexy strappy sandals,I feel very restricted and restrained too that  she will be judged by the world the moment she will wear a leather mini skirt (Oh Lord thanks for my freedom).

But those are the reasons why she’s a royalty and I’m not,that she’s famous and I’m not,that her son’s stroller cost $2350 and my kids’ were under 200 bucks,that she travels around the world on a private plane and I can’t even afford  a business class ticket to Seoul.

Please don’t get me wrong,because although I’m not a big fan of her (or the Queen’s) style preferences,I admire how prim and proper she carries her self and her crown.I guess what I’m really trying to say is to embrace who we are and be thankful for what we have (I can never be a princess,or maybe I can,but I will be princess Merida),because she might be a royalty and owns a thousand fold of what I have (materially speaking),but there’s a lot of things I have that she as a princess cannot have,and one of them is my freedom to take a “duck face” selfie of myself anytime anywhere (but princesses have better things to do than take selfies right??? what am I thinking???),well I’m just saying…..okay I know,I should stop.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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2 responses to “Duchess Of Cambridge’s Style”

  1. Elle Berman says:

    Bing, I love this post ? You are right, given he royal status there are things she must give up for appearances sake. I do feel that this new style is too prim, though..but she is Lovley and perhaps in time, will find a style that is More her own and is also suitable for her title.

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