31/ 01/ 2015

Respect For The 44 Fallen SAF



My country (Philippines) is mourning,I will never understand why this has to happen,but as a human being I can do my little share in preventing similar incident to happen by being a good parent.

Respect to the fallen soldiers and prayers to their families.

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Disclaimer:Photo used in this post is not mine it belongs to the original photographer and or owner.

One response to “Respect For The 44 Fallen SAF”

  1. elb743 says:

    Thanks Bing, for reminding me of this. I heard only a bit about it in the news, which I keep turning off because all they want to do is talk about snow storms. I am glad you linked the articles, so i can be informed. It is a sorrowful occasion, thanks for sharing!
    xx, Elle

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