06/ 03/ 2014

Rocky Road Pan Cake

 My version of rocky road pancakes to satisfy my theory of indulgence that If I should indulge I must indulge right,right???


1.1 cup pancake mix + 1 tbsp. sweetened cocoa powder

2.1/4 cup chocolate chips (I told you this is indulgence)

3.1/4 cup walnuts or almonds

4.1/4 cup marsh mallows

5.Whip cream,strawberries and powdered sugar (optional)


1.I know,you know how to make pancakes,but to make these rocky road version,the only difference is to sprinkle the chocolate chips,marshmallows and walnuts before flipping your pancake over.

2.Stack as much pancakes as you want,top with whipping cream,strawberries,sprinkle some marshmallows,chocolate chips and your choice of nuts,and finally dust with powdered sugar to achieve that “yummy look” above,because it won’t be Bing Your Style,if I leave my food unstyled (that’s a new word).

What’s your version of indulgence???

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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