04/ 12/ 2014

Rules In Wearing An All Black Outfit



(F21 jacket,Guess jeans,mossimo shirt,coach bangles,shoes from Target)


Fashion experts say black is “slimming”  because it doesn’t reflect (it absorbs) light therefore it doesn’t create shadow,although I don’t always agree (look at my thighs,ughh”( but anyway thanks to the weather,I finally had a chance to pull this noir outfit off.

On this post,let’s talk about the rules in wearing black,I usually am a rebel (dislike following rules) but sometimes it’s nice to know that rules like this exist ,let me share what I know and I’ll let you decide  whether you’ll embrace them or not, here ya go.


1.Vary the texture (to make it look less like a uniform), in my case I wore a statement jacket with faux leather sleeves (with a nice exposed silver zipper to match my bangles,the silver on my shoes and my braces hehe),paired it with a plain-looking skinny jeans.

2.Season appropriate,I swear I wear black regardless of the season,but I am always careful with the fabric and the cut, I wouldn’t wear this boots and this jacket on summer time.

3.Add accessories,an all black outfit will look less boring when paired with a good accessory like a bold red lipstick (which I haven’t tried yet),an attention grabbing purse,a piece of jewelry or a head turning shoes,can you tell what accessory I used???,haha to the 8th octave,I know these shoes need an insurance ( they serve a double purpose 1. an accessory 2. a weapon,I wish I woudn’t have to use them as a weapon,ever!!!).

4.Be confident (smile),show the world you can wear a black on black on black without looking “halloweeny” at all.

There you have them,most websites will give more brain twisting rules, but let’s not complicate life,4 is enough for now and as I always say style is personal,there is no right or wrong as long as it’s  comfortable and modest.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Noir means black in French,nice to know right???

Have fun mixing your noir,good luck.


I wore a gray shirt to create balance and the illusion of a longer torso,because these pair of boots made me 4 inches taller,without that shirt my torso would appear shorter against my limbs.

image image image image

P.S. A little update about my vitiligo,if you noticed I have a little brown spot in my right hand,which wasn’t there 5 months ago,I actually  have more new melanin buds growing on my covered spots,like my armpit,inner thighs and hips ( which I refused to show hehe),but well anyway,I’m so happy to share this progress with all of you guys,hoping for a much much faster improvement soon,wish me luck,thank you.


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