14/ 03/ 2014

Same Blue Shirt

     The older I get the bigger my spots get (my vitiligo baby..grrr…grrrr),pardon them for wanting to steal the spot light in my blog,well anyway this post is about a shirt I bought out of  impulse (I told you I’m impulsive).It’s one of those moments when you purchase something because they’re cheap then as soon as you get home you ask your self,mmmm??? where am I gonna wear this???.Well surpriseeeee,because after a year of sitting in my closet,this shirt,like my vitiligo claimed the  spot light today.

This shirt  used to mean “job interview” for me,but my recent post about spring,made me realize that there is no rule that says “a nice crisp shirt is  for job interview only”,well yeah,it’s about time to bring her out of the closet and play around with it,,,,look how “collected” this outfit has turned into,I guess it’s true what they say,everyone deserves a second chance.

Thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo.



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