08/ 03/ 2017


Knowing where you’ve lost it, will keep your balance
#life is about #balance

What’s UP March? February went faster than expected, I was absent from the  blog last month, but here I am catching up with some stuff, let’s start off with,,,,,

My realization:1.That our knees age faster than the rest of our body.

(I don’t get short of breath running, but apparently our knees have a separate lungs of their own and they get short of breath faster and will eventually die faster, gee my knees had KNEE-MONIA last month haha to that).

2.That no matter how young we feel, there is truth to the so-called “biological age”, and we are not to abuse that.

(The papers say I’m 41, biologically? I must be 61, psychologically I know I am 40, financially I am 37.8, physically I am 26,,, when P Em esing? I’m a kindergartener haha.

3.Not shopping new clothes is doable, I’m on my 9th month of my NO SHOPPING NEW CLOTHES pledge, and I’m happy to say I’m still alive.

The forecast: 4.I will reward myself with a really really good button shirt and jeans after a year of no shopping new clothes (drooling already).

News cast: 5.I bought my very first pair of hiking shoes, yayyyyyyyy (I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale).

Yoga update: 6.I can finally reach my toes now yayyyyyy (O em gee, this post is full of yayyyyys) it took me 4 months to get here, or get on my toes haha.

I can do a happy baby pose with straight legs, downward facing dog is now a pleasure more than a torture (yayy again).

I can go on forever with more yayyys but as a blogger what I’m trying to say is that there is no limit to the things that make us happy, there is no limit to learning, that patience and practice make us better.

Time will never run out (humans will) there’s no limit to the possibilities we can achieve, but there’s a limit to the anatomy and physiology of our being, age is just a number that’s true but age should be use wisely, and to enjoy age to the fullest? we humans must never put age to abuse.

P.S. To everyone who’s intimidated with yoga, try it, there’s no harm in trying, you will love it.

Thanks to my fitness influencer, my dear friend Quennie for getting me into yoga,xx.

Happy March everyone, happy hiking, go get some yogasm-I promise it’ll be awesome.

hugs, Bing♥

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#moonlighthike this wanderlust

They say don’t judge
but I say please be like a judge, listen to both sides of the story before making judgments xx Bing
You can never guess what’s beyond this wall, a little piece of wonder only an enthusiast gets to see, but don’t worry, I’ll be sharing it soon

Thankful for everything I have, everything I’ve learned and everything I will gain,,,,xx Bing

FYI I did not take this sign home, if its missing after today? I swear, it wasn’t me
xoxo #lovetheskinyourein

We took about 2000 photos on this roadtrip
oh your #energy @justsumbeachynurse is contagious xoxo #lovetheskinyourein ✅✅✅☺️✅

Guys it’s #February allow us to be cheesy
photo credit @justsumbeachynurse ❤️❣️❤️

This year this old gal is turning #41 and to #celebrate my #youth, Boyfriend and some of my #beautiful #friends will join me in #celebrating my #birthday on the #peaks yayyywe are going to hike #7 peaks in #seven days, we will hike 7 of the most #popular #hiking #destinations in the #Phoenixaz area, so wish my knees goodluck
xoxo all #photos will be shared on #bingyourstyle #blog soooooon❤️#lovetheskinyourein

Good morning #beautiful world
#abs or should I call that side or partial abs???
Because it’s okay,
because old people can,
yes ladies we can,,, show a little skin and be old #41

Always worth the #hike always #worth the #sweat
The #squawpeak
The #view
The #fresh air
The #moonlight
The lights down below
Be my #guest I’d be willing to be your #hikeguide in this trail at night, we’re talking about $40/hour here xoxo

Funny how I thought age is a license to become an #adult and make babies, so I started procreating early ☺️ made 3 babies in the process clearly age does not define #adulthood you could be 50 but have no money and self control #41 and a real adult now, I don’t have a lot of #money, but I gained a lot of self control over time
#aging is #fun but you have to know how to handle it with care ⛑

In the middle of nowhere there is a place that looks like this, you have to #hike 3.4 miles roundtrip to step on this bridge, sounds crazy for none hikers, but don’t we all have a tinge of craziness in us.

Sometimes you have to see the bottom to appreciate the top
xoxo #lovetheskinyourein Bing ™

#Life is short don’t worry I did not make mine shorter I made it out alive, too alive and well to post this pose it may seem scary if you’re looking at me, but I promise you it was fun making Boyfriend nervous and angry carrying out this #buwisbuhay #stunt because it was not scary ⛑ xoxo

I did not finish my 7 #peaks in seven days #hike my right #knee started to feel weird after the 5th day, which made me realize that no matter how #young I look ( i know right I’m 41 but i look like I’m 40) and no matter how young I feel, the world has its way of reminding us, that reality hurts and that reality is really real, thanks a million to everyone who took time off to be part of my #birthday hikes, it was fun having you guys, till next year, cheers to a better knee, to more hikes, #sweats and #goodvibes xoxo

First day
First #peak
Thank you ladies

#Thankful @ #41
Day 2 of 7 days #hike
xoxo #lovetheskinyourein Bing ™


no one is too old to hike#41
A happy #happy #birthday #girl

I feel so #loved
3rd #peak, 4 more to come
Arizona I ❤️ U so much

What you see when you get those butts off your couch
Goodmorning #Happy Sunday everyone

Our idea of #fun
more of yesterday’s #echocanyon #adventure
This #trail robbed #squawpeak’s no.1 spot in my ❤️

The most interesting result comes from challenges #endorphinhigh
And I know, I have a thing for #backview

“The things that make me different are the things that make me Me” —–Piglet
This piglet loves #headstands

Thanks for coming over, nice meeting you here.

3 responses to “SELF LOVE FEBRUARY”

  1. MAHRYSKA says:

    your adventures are just super cool!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  2. Elle says:

    Bing, you are such an inspiration! I can’t believe how flexible and strong you are and how you seem so weightless. Those poses on the mountain tops are awe inspiring. I also loved your age breakdown, LOL!
    Physically I am 70 ( with osteoporosis, and hearing aides for both ears) mentally i think I am 26…. and I am so over PMS.
    My knee are in good shape though, and my balance is amazing, so a couple of tiny yays for me, and HUUUuge ones for you!!!!
    xx, Elle

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