25/ 10/ 2013

Shawarma and Baklava



   The best way to find an authentic Filipino food is by asking us-Filipinos where to find them.Thus when I was craving for shawarma…I asked an Arab friend where to find the best shawarma in Phoenix.  (well what do you know??? I might be introverted but I did not say I’m not friendly).

Last week we drove approximately 22 miles one way to satisfy our long been neglected “shawarma cravings”.

The shawarma was not as good as I remembered(if I am to rate it,i’d give it a 4/5,the shawarma in Manila over at Glorietta LRT station is still my 5/5),but to compensate!!! we  found baklava.

(and the search for the best shawarma in Phoenix continues,so please Bing your stylers,If you know a good shawarma place in Phoenix please let me know,thanx).


 It’s unfair to say that they have the best baklava in town because my sweet tooth have only been exposed to them once before this mouth watering encounter,but I’d say they’re worth the travel.


This post will not end without me sharing this great baklava place.

The place is called BAIZ Market Place they are located at 523 N 20th St  Phoenix, AZ 85006
(602) 252-8996

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

6 responses to “Shawarma and Baklava”

  1. Irene s says:

    I was gon say… Baiz Market is da bomb. .. we used to buy lunch there (coz it’s right across St Lukes) try their falafels & I don’t remember if they have “baba ganooj”… I forgot if that’s d right spelling…
    Try another good place — in Mesa – Main & Apache Trl. .. I forgot the name of d place… will get back w/ u on that one..

  2. Ellen says:

    Delish! nothing like the real thing!
    XX, Elle

  3. Alwaysyourmusic says:

    Hmmm im craving @5:37 in the morning..what to d?

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