20/ 12/ 2014

Shopping Friendly Shoes


I’m not bragging (okay fine I am) but this outfit was a head turner,Boyfriend and I went shopping the other day (drove 35 minutes one way to get to the mall) wasted 2 hours looking for a perfect Christmas eve outfit but went home empty-handed (well not really I got my self a cute top for 3 bucks at the clearance rack,cardigan for the girls and some bubble bath soaps for me and my secret santa).Now let’s go back to this outfit,I had this shirt buttoned up,untucked at the waist then layered an over sized coat over my shoulders,I know I don’t have a photo, but just use your imagination to recreate that head turning moment okay???,I know I’m not hallucinating,,,I’m trying to convince you here that I can still turn heads,if you’re not convinced I can also twist a neck!!! convinced now???….great!!! end of the story hehe.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Thanx for visiting my blog xoxo.

2 responses to “Shopping Friendly Shoes”

  1. Elle Berman says:

    I know you’re not hallucinating, this sounds like a fantastic outfit. I can’t believe you found a great top for three dollars. You are a great shopper. I love the outfit that you’re wearing now and especially love those great mint green sneakers. Happy holidays dear Bing!!
    kisses Elle

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