22/ 09/ 2013

Signs and Symptoms of Severe Korean Fever

Disclaimer:This post is entirely fictional and is meant for K-Drama fanatics only,writer’s intention is to make them smile,you might find it boring if you’re not a K-drama enthusiast,but you’re welcome to read at your own risk.Caution:this is smile inducing….enjoy.

Lately you can’t seem to fathom why you always crave for instant noodles,spicy hot noodles to be specific(this is after watching 1 Korean film),you sit at the edge of your couch looking at the ceiling,make that a “blank stare” to add drama to the scene,you know you’re not sexually active which makes you precisely certain that your cravings are not related to conception(I promise that’s the only rated R part of this post).
Here’s Bing’s intelligible blogger diagnosis!!!!!
You my dear have the signs of  Korean Fever!!!!don’t worry you’re at the early stage..it’s totally okay and manageable.
the following are the signs and symptoms of severe Korean Fever:

1.You carry chopsticks everywhere.

2.You refuse to eat any noodles of any form without chopsticks.
3.You look for Korean brand products and anything made in Korea makes you excited.

4.You shout “fighting” when you’re feeling hopeful.

5.You call your boyfriend “Oppa” your friends”Unni” and all elder women “ajuma”,but they they think you’re crazy because they don’t know what you’re talking about(they all agreed they want a psyche eval for you).
6.You named your first dog “Kimchi” and the second “Bulgogi”,problem is you don’t have a dog.

7.You want to hear “Saengil chuk ha hae” instead of  “happy birthday” on your birthday.

8.You get excited when someone speaks Korean in public,you feel like you’re part of a Korean soap.
9.You greet everyone in your house “anyong” every morning.
10.You became more expressive of your love,you tell your husband and kids “saranghe” with matching bowing of head every hour.
11.Your cell phone and home phone answering announcement says “Yoboseyo:)you have reached me,please leave a message after the beep,kamsahamnida”.
12.Your screen saver on your gadgets is either Lee Min Ho or Lee Dong Wook.
13.Your day dreams’ setting is the Han river and the streets of Seoul drinking soju or eating kimbap and bibimbap.
14.You choose Korean soda over coke even if you know that coke taste way better than their soda.

15.You googled “how to make Korean seaweed soup” ,watched the video on you tube and cooked it but tasted “gwaaakkk”.

16.Korea is number one in your countries to visit bucket list.
17.You truly believe that Incheon airport is the cleanest and the best airport in the world(though you haven’t been there yet).
18.Next time you fly,you want to fly “Eva air”.
19.You prefer Samsung over I-phone and all your appliances in your house is Samsung.

20.You are not bothered that some Korean men wear eyeliner and nail polish,you still think they’re hot.

21.You googled all the possible places to buy soju.
22.And when you found it(soju) you learned that it’s $10 a bottle but you bought it anyway,even if you consider a $3.50 shampoo very expensive.

23.You’re hoping that the Korean looking colleague you have is really Korean,but dang it she’s not.

24.You have seen all Korean films in Netflix.
25.You always tell everybody that Korean films are better than hollywood films.
26.You put your kids to bed early so you can watch K-soaps without interruptions.

27.You are considering on buying “Rosetta Stone” to learn to speak Korean.

28.You bought a book about “Travel guide to South Korea”
29.You can now eat kimchi without flinching.

30.You threaten every one who do not agree with you with the punch line”do you want to die???”.

31.You say cre,cre araso instead of okay when you agree.
32.Your ring tone is “The Wedding Dress” by Tae Yang.
33.You want to renew your vows in Jeju island.

34.You get overly excited when someone asks if you’re Korean(you always want to pretend
that you are,but is worried they’ll ask you to speak Korean).


35.You know the latest news about your favorite star,in fact you know that Lee Min Ho is now in LA,shooting for “Heir”,and you want to stalk him there.

36.You are so over Edward of Twilight and so head over heels with Goo Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers.
37.You know you’re not suppose to talk when your mouth is full but you do it anyway because that’s how Jan Di of “Boys over Flowers” and My Chan of “Coffee Prince” eat.
38.You at one point asked your boyfriend or husband to carry you on his back,”piggy back” just like the K-dramas.
39.You already know that somewhere,sometime in any Korean drama that one or two of the characters will eventually say fighting,otherwise you are not watching a K-drama,it must be Japanese.
40.Your kids call you Amma and their dad Appa.

Which of these do you have???,I have all of them.

Korean Fever is highly contagious,but worry your heart not because of all fevers this is the only one that does not require any anti pyretic agent,if you have any of the symptoms above,I suggest to just enjoy it,It is always smile inducing,and youth infusing.
Enjoy the youth inside of you.

P.S.I love my country PHILIPPINES and is proud of being Filipino,but sorry I’m obsessed with K-drama.

Thanks for visiting my blog,xoxo.



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  1. leslie says:

    Bing-bing, I thought being obssessed with something this much is done by teenagers. I think your in denial of your age or just plain crazy.hehe. you guys went to korean resto without bringing me. I’m was drooling while looking at those delicious foods. Yum-yum.

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