12/ 03/ 2014

Spring in AZ

  Spring by far is my favorite season in this side of the world (If you must know we only have 2 seasons in the Philippines…wet and dry).

Spring/summer fashion week is over,and all the big guns in the fashion world have their own say on what to wear,and as I always say,fashion and trend translate to commercialism,but style is personal,thus what ever Prada,LV and the rest of them say,style for me is “US”.

This spring let’s bring out our pastels,florals,lace,sheers,whites,a little bit of black,our sporty and patterned jackets,double breasted blazer,tea lenght skirt,high waisted wide leg trousers,colarless coat (which we won’t be needing in AZ),and most of all  a closet staple that will never go out of style,,,,our good old denim jeans.

Are you spring ready yet???

Thanx for visiting my blog today,xoxo.


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