08/ 09/ 2013

Streets Of L.A.

Stripes Tip 1.Thin horizontal stripes makes a wearer look slimmer.
2.Wide horizontal stripes will make you look bulkier—(mmmm euphemism,but I wanna be discreet).
3.Should you find a horizontal stripes bottom,chances are that belongs to an inmate don’t wear them.
4.Vertical stripes for jeans and trousers create the illusion of slimmer and longer legs.
Try stripes next time,good luck.
The best way to hide your flaws is to literally hide them,my vitiligo is most concentrated  in my arms and I have some behind my thighs too,my photos show how I used my denim shirt as an accent color to my black and stripes outfit but the truth is I used it to cover what I need to cover behind my thighs and my long sleeve shirt is the easy way to cover my vitiligo populated arms,let’s not be too obvious in hiding our flaws,experiment,good luck.
I wore this outfit when we visited the Arts District in LA,with comfort in consideration I wore my one inch high-mid ankle boots to #1 color coordinate with my top and shorts and #2 the one inch heel gave me just enough height for the “taller illusion” but comfy enough to walk in the streets of L.A.,let’s be chic girls but let’s not overlook comfort,good luck.
H&M top
TJ Max find shorts
Vince Camuto boots
 Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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