03/ 09/ 2013

Stripes On Stripes


Hello world???It’s been ages I know,and I feel like I’ve neglected you,but fret no more your girlfriend here is ay okay,after a week of flu like symptoms,I definitely feel like 17 again.On this post let’s talk about colors of fall 2013,what to wear and what not,,,,(I know this sounds funny coming from a feeling expert)I’m definitely not an expert specially that I was born and raised in  the Philippines where four seasons are only seen on TV,but don’t worry I did some research,I watched a couple of Fall/Winter fashion shows online and I noticed that most of them actually  showcased the color black,and I coudn’t agree more,wether you consider black a base or a non-color,black will always be trendy regardless of what the season is,..but aside from black according to fashioning.com greens(all greens,including green mind haha),acai purple and Mykonos blue are the colors to mix,match and play with next fall……..but if you’re like me!!who is always on a budget and dislike following trends then I’d say follow your heart’s desire go for comfort,be playful and experiment….after all these designers of ready to wear clothes goal is to sell..they can tell us what is trendy and what is not,but only you, knows your body and only you can decide what color and style suits you.Below is my favorite pants got it for labor day,was on sale for 13 bucks plus additional 50% off,do the math,am I a smart shopper or what???what abou you??what did you score this labor day??


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Stripes On Stripes”

  1. you’re welcome Rowena:)thanx for visiting my blog.

  2. rowena cordova says:

    Thank you for sharing Bing…love it!!!

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