18/ 11/ 2013

Stripes And A Funny Straw Story

     My theory about finding a good Vietnamese food at the right place is the same with finding a good rib place.When visiting a rib place (sounds like a horror film-ribs!!! hi Sidney haha),do not order chicken even if it’s on the menu,order what they specialize with,ribs from a rib place,taco from a taco place or pizza from a pizza place.
FLIGHT OF IDEAS:Photo above reminds me of an embarrassing moment I had on a blind date,well it wasn’t really my date but my friend “Tuti fruity” insisted I should go because her date is tagging along his friend,well OK fine I said,,,,so in the middle of our conversation I bowed my head to sip my drink without holding my glass,,,,and you will never guess what happened….the straw got into my nare,the right nare to be specific!!!and as I lifted my head the straw won’t fall off-I’m not exaggerating but I have to manually pull it off my nose,it was not only embarrassing it was painful too,so what’s the ending???well the first date did not progressed to second,it’s okay..they were not our type anyway(hahaha,sour graping).
BACK TO REGULAR PROGRAMING:Eating out,I don’t only consider the food, I highly take note of the ambiance and customer service,being a nurse I treat my patients right and I expect to be treated the same in public.I don’t want to feel belittled when I’m just about to eat an anticipated good meal,this place has that-5/5 customer service(we always visit after 7pm though,so I don’t know what happens on day time).
      I used to love to photograph my kids,until I discovered how fun it is to photograph food.I don’t have to give food instructions,they don’t have to smile to look good and although food don’t display emotions the emotion they will make you fall into is unbelievable.Today on this post I’m gonna take you to our favorite rib place,ENJOY the photos.
 I don’t like this outfit very much that’s why I had to sit,plus I don’t like that lipstick color too,,I need a new shade but I refuse to get a new one yet,I’m hoping Santa will surprise me with one soon,hello Santa-I’ve been nice this year.
And that’s all for now guys,to all my blog visitors who don’t read,I hope you enjoyed the photos.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

6 responses to “Stripes And A Funny Straw Story”

  1. IndianSavage says:

    jajajaj Sweetheart, trut me: i understand you 😉 I hate blind date . Anyway… You’re so beautiful and adorable.
    The Indian Savage

  2. Elle Berman says:

    Love your outfit! I got a really good laugh from your story ( I am sorry, alughing with you, not at you!)
    I bet you are a great nurse!
    XX, Elle

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