21/ 08/ 2014

Take Pleasure In Saving


   I bet you know  how I suffered from the perks of credit cards  (suffered and learned),although WE are not totally debt free yet (may never be in the next few years— we’re heading there), but I know that the debts we have ,fall under the category of a “good debt”.

Good debt is a debt you have to make to provide a roof  for your family,or the debt you have to make to get you that reliable car that brings you to and from work everyday,based on a mortgage and premium you can afford,bad debt is the debt you made over a prada purse that costs twice of what you make,or the debt you spent on your recent trip to Machu-pichu which was rated as most viewed on your Facebook account for getting 1,000 likes last month,or last year or heaven knows when.

Truth is,none of those people who liked your post on Facebook will help you pay your debts,it could have been nice if all the likes  you get on your post will convert to dollars,right???

“Take pleasure in saving” is not my original, Suze Ormon quoted that,and that has been my mantra in saving,It doesn’t mean I have a lot though,but it’s been helping me make smart choices on where and how to spend my hard-earned $dollars.

And please don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying that everyone who owns a prada purse or everyone who gets a million likes on Facebook on their vacation means that they accomplished  that by an unrestrained pleasure thru debt,OH no,no,let’s give the good earners credit for their hard work,what I’m really trying to say is for us to live with in our means,and maybe learn to take pleasure in saving as much as we take pleasure in spending.

Oooohhh I love this new me.

P.S. Image used in this post is not mine.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Take Pleasure In Saving”

  1. elb743 says:

    Bing, This is an important topic here in the blogosphere! Thanks for addressing it, and great job in getting your finances in order!
    xx, Elle

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