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When there’s no threat for rain or clouds, a blogger’s camera should be set at an aperture mode, no flash needed, just the natural light, a good location, a willing subject and an enthusiastic photographer (you don’t need to be a pro, enthusiasm is enough).

Nature and food are two of my favorite subjects, they are both beauties in stand still, and this post is all about that (Oh well plus a little bit of my annoying self of course).

My plan was perfect, we were not going to spend a penny on food (yeah I packed a good lunch) but for some reason, road trips always make restaurant food 10 times more attractive, and with the hungry cubs at the back seat and papa bear at the driver seat 10x hungrier, a unanimous vote of 4-1 for “Vietnamese” v.s. “burger” won, I voted for that burger.

So hello siri please find “Miss Saigon in Tuscon”….? and before we know it, siri said “your destination is on the right”

Location: 1072 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719

Surprise,,,, this is not the place I have in mind, but what the heck, we’re hungry, it was 2 PM for goodness sake we don’t have time to look for another Saigon.

Fun fact: There are 3 Vietnamese restaurants in Tuscon with Saigon in their name 1.Saigon Pho 2. Pho Saigon and the one siri recommended 3.Miss Saigon, which happen to have the best egg roll ever, two words for their egg roll “most enjoyable” (keep that in mind, next time you’re in Tuscon, AZ).

Mid post disclaimer:

I did my best, but no best is enough to give Mt. Lemmon’s beauty real justice, and so I take back what I said, enthusiasm is not enough to make a photo look good, we need a pro ladies we need a pro haha.

Well any who, here are some of the photos I/we took on this mini road trip, have fun scrolling, I’ll stop blabbing here “)

Thanks for coming over.

Happy Sunday.

hugs, Bing♥™

Location: Mt. Lemmon Tuscon, AZ

Photo credits: Myself and Boyfriend.





dsc_0451 dsc_0466xx


2 responses to “THE APERTURE MODE”

  1. shamuboo says:

    These pictures rock!!! If this was shot on an old camera it would be a roll of rocks. Now it is a click of crags, snaps of stone, images of ignacious rocks (yes that’s a thing). I was pretty sure that first shot was the great wall of China. It took me a few seconds to realize it was actually the Eifell Tower. Some great shots of your aperture on here as well, very wow, but oddly it was the top half that got me there today. Never can tell with bees. Hugs!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

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