12/ 12/ 2013

The Heirs Final Episode

To my friends who patiently waited till today to watch the Korean drama series “The Heirs” don’t worry I’m not here to spoil your viewing pleasure,instead I’m here to suggest a delicious way to watch tonight’s final episode.
Why don’t we get some Korean wontons(we got this from Costco),you can choose to either fry or steam your wontons,since I’m lazy,steaming is a better option for me.
Below is not a space ship,that’s my little gadget I discovered at the Asian store,it does unexpected little wonders to make your life easier.
Keep scrolling.

Pour desired amount of wonton in this portable steamer,I love how this opens like a space ship.
In a large saucepan or wok,pour about 3-4 cups of water (just enough to steam the wontons) the water should not touch the wontons,since my little gadget is adjustable,it fits any saucepan larger than its diameter.
Cover the wok and let it steam for 10-12 minutes or until the wontons look shiny.
While the wontons are steaming,you can make your dipping sauce.
datu puti soy sauce or just any soy sauce
lime or lemon
green onion
brown sugar
sorry I did not measure my ingredients (bad blogger).
And the final episode will not be complete without a soju!!!(but drink moderately).
Now there you have it,your viewing pleasure will max up,the Korean wontons and the soju will sure let you feel the feel (feeling Korean),anyong.
Now let’s talk about this drama,,,promise no spoilers because I’ll tell you what I liked and disliked from episodes 1 to 19.
1.The emotions are too reserved,there are some crying moments when I just want to hug Kim Tan (the male lead character),why do they stare at each other for 30 seconds before hugging???I don’t get that.
2.Some hugs from Cha Eun Sang (the female lead character) were not tight enough,I wanted to be there and do it for her.
3.They made the male villain Choi Young Do’s character too adorable,sexy and cute,If I was Cha Eun Sang I might even choose him,,hehe there’s something about villains that attracts me.
4.Not much of Korean scenic locations.
5.They made Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) look less fashionable than Choi Young Do(the villain).
1.All the kissing scenes came unexpectedly,the best one is not until the 16th episode,haha.
2.The villains are not too bad.
3.No body died or not yet…
4.The cast,,,,,everyone is good looking.
5.I adored how they made Cha Eun Sang”s mom mute-that added humor to the story (not that mute people are funny,but she did great in portraying her role).
6.The drama is very light,although I’m a cry baby I did not cry yet..let’s see what’s going to happen on the 20th episode.
7.I love how the love story started and progressed,Korean dramas sure know what “good timing” means.
8.I love how each character shined and how their roles unravel as the series moved forward.
9.The punch lines are just awesom, like what Kim Tan told his dad on the “blank” episode
“The life you’re offering me looks less attractive than Cha Eun Sang”,,,waaaa saranghe Oppa Kim Tan.
Well that’s it for now folks,ENJOY,,,,I watched all episodes at dramafever.com,I believe they write the best sub titles,each English lines coincides properly with each dialogue.
Saranghe,Bing your style visitors,anyong.
Here’s Kim Tan And Cha Eun Sang.
This is Choi Young Do,the sexiest villain ever,or I take that back because Oliver Martinez from the movie “Unfaithful” was sexy too,hehe.
Disclaimer:All photos related to “The Heirs” are not mine,they belong to the original photographers and websites.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

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  1. Elle says:

    I don’t know of this series, so I am thrilled to get this tip!
    Sending hugs!
    XX, Elle

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