08/ 09/ 2014

22 Things I Don’t Have But I’m Alive Anyway


Lately I have been trying to live as minimal as possible, and along the process I realized how much I don’t have but I’m alive anyway,here’s my list:

1.I-phone/cell phone….. (used to have 1) I can still communicate anyway.
2.cable TV….. I stay informed anyway.
3.high speed internet (we have the slowest)…I’m connected anyway.
4.signature wallet…..I don’t have a wallet anyway.
5.TV in our master bedroom…. I sleep better anyway.
6.crystal chandelier….our house is well-lit anyway.
7.pool….I know how to swim anyway.
8.automatic garage door opener….I use my arms anyway.
9.piano…I know “Do Re Mi” anyway.
10.Mac cosmetics…..it’s in my “can’t afford list” anyway.
11.panini maker….we enjoy pancakes anyway.
12.food processor and stand mixer….my cakes come out right anyway.
13.time share…we still have great vacations anyway.
14.rolex watch…I have time for my kids,my self,husband and work anyway.
15.extra stuff in our garage…we have more space anyway.
16.nook….i enjoy my novels all the same anyway.
17.a diamond wedding ring…I’m still married anyway.
18.beauty magazine subscription….I don’t read them anyway.
19.a personal trainer…i work out anyway.
20.rest house…i feel rested anyway.

21.beautiful legs…i wear shorts anyway.

22.perfect skin…i still sweat anyway.

P.S. I’m not saying that my life is better than yours because you have what I don’t have,what I’m trying to say is that “life” is not defined with what we have or don’t have,live life the way you know it.

P.P.S. the best photo I can find to match this post,the white spots in my arm is my vitiligo.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

One response to “22 Things I Don’t Have But I’m Alive Anyway”

  1. Bimg, you are just darling. You’re also very correct in that what we have is not necessarily the things that we need to be happy and well informed. You have a wonderful attitude and I absolutely love this photo, too
    XX, Elle

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