27/ 08/ 2013

Time To Let Go


It’s Lee Min HO vs Jerry Yan,can you guess where this post is going??Well I know I should be considerate,not everybody speaks the language I speak(Hello Joy Insung’s Space-Weebly)….Saranghe Lee Min Ho,because according to me,If I was a judge and those two men were in court battling for who’s a hotter oppa? Min Ho’s definitely gonna win,and Jerry Yan will be sentenced to life——-lifetime,cannot touch the Philippine grounds…hahaha his followers would kill me for that,FIGHTING!!!

Took me 8-9 years to finally finish the loss and grief process(Denial-Anger_Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance),you know what I just learned (from this experience) that the reason a person cannot move on and reach the acceptance stage is because that grieving person is refusing to let go and move on(It’s a personal choice),I’ve been ignoring “Boys Over Flowers” forever(the Korean Version of Meteor Garden),I did not want to watch it because I am still not over “Meteor GArden”,(2001 Taiwanese drama starring Barbie HsuJerry YanVic ZhouVanness Wu and Ken Chu)This soap was an OH EM GEE, it hit Philippines like a hurricane it was massive and like a bisexual it had no gender preference,I still remember all the boys in our house used to whine every time I’d take the TV remote and huggle on it,but guess what after a couple of episodes that they sat with me watching it (no choice boys,we only have one TV) haha!! I did not only win the remote I also won their hearts (I mean Meteor Garden did) and later on they were even more excited to see it than me.

2013 came,last week I got sick and was dying of boredom and like the boys in our house during the Meteor Garden time,when I used to take over our TV remote control,I was left with no choice because I’m  almost done watching all K-soaps in Netflix except choice#1 Boys over Flowers choice#2 City Hunter—ironically oppa Lee Min HO was on both series,and yeah…your guess it right I’ve fallen head over heels and now all the gadgets in our house that needed a screen saver has oppa Lee Min Ho’s face on them…hahaha,,,and that’s how I concluded my grieving process,I accepted the fact that Jerry Yan is so yesterday and that Oppa Lee Min Ho is so NOW,,,,got it???Fighting!!!!(this is the 17 year old inside me posting-multiple personality dis order-ooooh still undiagnosed),below are photos of Min Ho and Jerry Yan,be the judge and tell me If my verdict was right,saranghe means I love you,kamsahamnida means Thank you………..PS my friend Jenny A it’s time to move on.

jerry yan 1

(Jerry Yan,photo not mine it belongs to the original photographer)

jerry yan 2

(Jerry Yan,photo not mine it belongs to the original photographer)   

lee min ho

(Lee Min Ho,photo not mine it belongs to the original photographer)

goo joon pyo 2

(Lee Min Ho,photo not mine it belongs to the original photographer)

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4 responses to “Time To Let Go”

  1. hahaha Joy Insung,thats what I was thinking when I was writing this post,,I was thinking of Margot,It was easy letting Jerry Yan go because he was actually not my favorite,Lei was:)thanx for visiting my blog:)

  2. Joy InSung says:

    Lucky you Bing, you were able to choose between the two.. hehe I ended up deciding that I will like them equally because no matter how much I say Lee Min Ho is hotter.. I don’t think there will be a Lee Min Ho if there was no Jerry Yan, the original Dao Ming Si! hehe Unfortunately for Min Ho, Meteor Garden came before Boys Over Flowers… but then again, I think MinHo is doing better because he’s still racking up projects unlike Jerry Yan, who could not overcome Dao Ming Si.. peace Margot, don’t kill me please.. LOL

  3. what can I say Dhel,I cannot keep a good relationship with my fantasy crushes….beacause I’m too straight with my real world relationship,hehe,and calm down Jerry Yan is still hot only that Lee Min Ho’s smile is a real killer…:)thanx for visiting my blog.

  4. Dhel says:

    It’s me dhel, fighting for Jerry Yan!!! He will always be my king of Asian soap, the most charming.
    How could you do that to Jerry yan? Letting go of him? It’s was so easy for you to dumbhim (lol). Oh well, may be I like him much more than u like him. You didn’t knw how much money I spent just to meet and see him performs. All his concerts and meet and greet event, I was there falling in line as early as 7am (concerts and events started at night). And oh the tickets, all worth….to die(highest price).
    Am really hurt when somebody tried to forget him. Btw,I’ve seen their reunion concert and omg Jerry still hot and yummy!!!!…..
    (Uneditted comment, corrections under ur care)

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