08/ 01/ 2015

Tom Yum Soup


Are you like us who’d browse on the menu for 2 hours but will end up ordering the same???. I try to claim that I’m adventurous that my palate is not as boring as Boyfriend’s (my husband),but I guess I’m not,or maybe I’m just frugal because I didn’t want to order (and waste) something that I might not like,not unless it’s free then maybe I’d try something different (I guess I’m  not cheap after all,I’m just frugal eh?).

Anyways these photos were taken the last time we wanted Thai food again!,and as usual after looking at the menu,we ordered our usual Thai favorites 1.Sea food tom-yum 2.deep fried tofu with peanut sauce 3.oh we tried panang chicken (yayy away from the usual well, it was awesome 5/5) and  a Thai resto visit will not be complete without the Thai tea of course and our staple food WHITE RICE.


 This outfit post by the way was taken before lunch,my belly does not look that flat after a meal,and the Thai restaurant we went to was at Avondale,AZ it’s called “The Orchid Garden”.Their food was okay the tom-yum was great,if there is one dish that a Thai restaurant is consistent with? it’s gotta be the tom-yum,it’s been good everywhere we went,the rest on the menu varies.

Now ladies and gents please say hi to Tom-yum (oohh I can smell it from here).


and another Thai favorite the “Thai tea”.



 Good luck with your next menu browsing adventure.

Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

4 responses to “Tom Yum Soup”

  1. Cute outfit!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  2. Dania says:

    It looks so yummy!!



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