12/ 09/ 2013

Truth About High Heels

   I must admit no matter how much practice I do,I will never last a day wearing high heeled shoes…….here are some basic truth I realized wearing them…
1.There is no such thing as comfortable high heels BUT
2.There is such A thing called wearable high heels…so whats the difference???wearable heels are those that don’t  hurt the first time you lay your precious feet on them but hurts your tiny toes after several hours of being on them…..that’s reality and science,HELLO????force of gravity..let’s face it your body weight all goes to the bottom,,,,,so why should we wear heels then????
It is all about personal choice,I’m not trying to discourage you because I love them too much I own more that 5 pairs but definitely less than 20.And
3.High Heels are not made for walking,malling,strolling and anything else that involves strutting.


You already know that I practice wearing them at home,the point of doing so is for my safety,I want to gain my balance and poise so that my most embarrassing moment in college will not have a repeat performance(details soon,,,hang in there for that post).
Here’s what I do:
1.Choose an occasion to wear them,obviously on special occasions(am I even funny???) Well what I’m trying to say is to consider  the event you’re going to,will the event require a lot of standing,walking or dancing???in my case I almost always wear them to church,because the only time I put weight on my feet is the time it takes to get to the church from the parking lot and back,plus hearing the mass is a special occasion for me and the whole gang(I call my family gang).
2.By wearing your heels at home,you’ll be able to tell which ones will last you an hour which ones you can rock for four hours and so on,thus next time you’ll attend a wedding you already know which pair to wear(I love rhymes).
3.Bring flats with you,or keep one in your car,there are those you can fold,they come in handy with a nice pouch bag( i don’t have those I just saw them in the mall),I have a big Ziploc bag though that’s where I keep my flats.
4.Choosing flats should match your outfit( the one you’re currently wearing or planning to wear),if you don’t have one,and is planning to buy one,keep in mind that black blends with any color because it is a non-color(I know it’s confusing,but you’re talking to me that explains that).
 It’s hard being a girl,we’ve been through a lot from puberty to our current state(regressing?? hope not)plus today I’m adding shoes to your dilemma haha,but we ROCK guys,we do,just high heels that!!! and cheers to US.


 DISCLAIMER: Both  parents of these children were present the entire time these photos were taken,furthermore children were not forced to pose for these photos.



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