30/ 07/ 2013


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     I have been a vitiligo girl for over 12 years now( vitiligo is an autoimmune disease characterized by skin discoloration) I am loosing my melanin ( melanin is found in our body and is responsible for the pigment of our skin,hair  and eyes)…….well so much for the pathophysiology,,,,,.
Let me tell you a funny story about my condition and how we discovered what this disease is called instead.One afternoon while everyone else was enjoying their siesta,my sister and I decided to give each other a  head massage, while she was scanning through my hair she noticed a large portion of gray in my head,and she said”O my God you are old,you have lots of  gray hair,do you want me to pluck them?” …”well yeah”,I said,,,.
Fast forward that,two weeks later,on a siesta afternoon under the mango tree in the countryside in the Philippines,my excited sister ( who was so proud of her gray hair discovery)offered to check if she has more grays to pluck,,,,and BINGO!!! there it was,a huge gray spot at the back of my head…and while she was enjoying her excitement and plucking,we both kind of wondered how come my grays were only  concentrated in one area???,,,,,and that’s how we learned about this condition( no! a light bulb did not appear  on top of our heads like the movies,I went to an expert,a dermatologist).
Since then I have spent countless number of hours(going to and waiting at the doctor’s clinic) trying to find a cure for this,I have tried steroids I even tried the laser treatment which burned my lip,because a newbie technician  used the wrong voltage on my upper lip,and for several days I looked like Angelina Jolie the ugly way….and after that I said “you know what??that’s it,I have to accept what I have,some people have cancer,heart disease,COPD,polio,well I don’t,I have my share of Imperfection…I have vitiligo,,and that’s how its gonna be for the rest of my life,,,,thanks to other people’s flaws,I have finally learned to Embrace MINE,……:)what’s your share of imperfection???.
Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo
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2 responses to “VITILIGO”

  1. Shybiker says:

    We all have flaws. It’s healthy to be open about them, the way you are in this early post. I admire that.

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