19/ 07/ 2014

Viva Mexico



Nogales Mexico is not a city to visit if you’re looking for a “profound”  Mexican culture,and with its reputation??? a sane person will not include this city in their bucket list (of places to see),but circumstances have their way of finding me,because the most reputable “vitiligo doctor” happens to live in Nogales Mexico,and although he entertains everybody,he can “only” practice in his country.

After so much thought,Me,Boyfriend and two of our (not known to public) close friends packed our bravery and decided we had enough courage to face Nogales…(we came back unscrathced,it wasn’t bad).

Seriously??? without the news and the travel advisory of cities to avoid??? one can never tell this place is dangerous,we did not see anybody carrying guns or firing or stabbing anybody,people were helpful and friendly,nobody seem to look scared being outside,most of them speaks english and most of all their food was AWESOME!!!

P.S. Thanks to the “J”s  Jong,Jack and Julius it was nice being one of the boys,i had lots of fun being the only girl,I felt both like a princess and a gangster.

P.P.S. The memo I sent these boys was 1.wear shorts 2.wear slippers obviously one of them did not get the second part.

P.P.P.S. By the way I had 2 injections,a pill prescription for 90 days and a cream for my white spots for until they’re visible,I’m very hopeful for a positive outcome,wish me luck guys,THANK YOU.



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photo below is not tequila,it’s a shrimp broth served in shot a glass and is meant to be drank like a tequila thus it’s served with lime.


 If you must visit any parts of Mexico and you want to try something different,this one below is a MUST!!! it’s called MOLKAHETE.


Thanx for visiting my blog,xoxo.

2 responses to “Viva Mexico”

  1. elb743 says:

    you look awesome in that perfect black tunic!
    This looks like a great place to be and the food looks delish!
    Good luck with the medicine, I hope it helps!
    xx, elle

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