12/ 10/ 2013

What If

I always wondered what it will be like to sit next to Ellen DeGeneres???(I can’t believe I had to google her last name)not on a plane but on her show of course,since I’m the type..who will never get famous,because like I said-in one of my older post- I have too much desires which consequently leads to too much of too little of everything(see???I told you I lack focus).
Today I’m gonna be Ellen to my self(delusion),but she doesn’t speak tagalog(tagalog is the basis of a standardized national language of the Philippines-source free online dictionary,let’s thank our sources),she might use big words during the interview and I would be flustered with her unnerving questions Oooohhh,no no no erase Ellen from the picture,Let me be Boy Abunda to my self then,(Boy Abunda,is dubbed as the King of talk of the Philippines).
Scenario:I have 1 million bingyourstyle blog followers,all of a sudden I am famous!!!(let’s make that 10M to make it really worthy of TV) and here I am sitting in front of my big 75 inch flat screen 4D TV,updating my twitter,FB and instagram with this phrase”surreal to see my self on TV face to face with Boy Abunda hahaha “with emote icons of all sorts.
These were his questions,fast forward that to his famous fast track Q&A:
Boy:Describe yourself in one word???
Boy:Favorite color and why?
None,because I’m eclectic and bipolar(undiagnosed),I change my mind too often.
Boy:Fashion Icon and why?
Gwen Stefani,she is 40 something but exudes the energy of a teen,she loves her body,she rocks boyfriend pants and flip flops like no other,I can never wear what she wears but I love her.
Boy:Favorite Ice cream flavor:
Rocky road
Boy:Favorite flowers??
Rose(let’s make that roses you might give me just one rose if i say rose,i want 2 dozen,please).
Boy:Where do you get your inspiration to blog??
Just anything under the sun,it could be what you said,a page from a magazine i saw while waiting for my turn on a doctor’s appointment,a movie or a dream,,,really the possibilities are endless.
Boy:Pretty in Philippine showbiz??
Anne Curtis,Angel Locsin,Liz Uy and Lea Salonga
Boy:Stylish in Philippines??
Anne Curtis,Liz Uy again and Divine Lee
Boy:Do you have fears??
Yes,but it’ll be too bold to divulge here,people who are not so fond of me might use it against me(ha!I have paranoia too).
Boy:Frustrations and why???
That my sisters are not as motivated as me,It hurts to see where they are but I am not them and I can only do so much.
Boy: If you could turn back time,what would you do differently???
I’d guide my sisters and make sure they will not be left unmotivated.

Boy:What makes you shed tears???
A cute Korean film,stories of triumph like winning moments in the Olympics,a phone call,fulfilling little dreams -like staying in a 5 star hotel an unexpected gift,my kids accomplishments,goodbyes,unwanted No’s and the white rabbit candy on a Christmas eve.
Boy:What makes you laugh???
It’s actually easier to make me cry than laugh,but all the Seinfeld episodes I must say have somehow contributed to the laugh lines I have.
Boy:Do you hate anybody???
No:)dislike yes.
Boy:Person you are most thankful for???
My grandma Martina,I love her so much I named my 1st child after her.
Boy:First book you bought out of your paycheck???
Manners for Moving up-by Julie Yap Daza

Boy:Success for you is???
A state of mind,a state of contentment.
Happiness for you is???
Subjective,we define and make our own happiness,it could be a cup of coffee a “thank you”,a new converse shoes,a BMW,a new baby or a promotion?happinnes is all up to you.
Love for you is???
Is the combination of all good.
Boy:Do you have a secret of your own???
Yes (one)
Boy:Sweet high school bragging rights???
That I dated the tallest,cutest and most popular guy in our class,he scared me though when he asked me to elope with him(Na…I have better dreams).
Boy:Indulgence for you is???
Anything over a dollar,thus spending more than a buck either makes me feel guilty or accomplished.
Boy:If you’ll be trapped in an Island and is granted one wish what would it be???
One-SM mega mall only,hahaha:)
Boy:How do you survive a tough time???
By believing that everything comes to an end(Look at that the positive way)and remembering that I survived a similar situation in the past.
Did you block or unfriended anybody on Facebook and why???
I’d rather hurt them once by unfriending them than hurting them over and over by keeping them.
Boy:People you want to say thank you to???
I’ll thank them personally.
Boy:Favorite song to date???
Thanks to my new gal Janis and her blog “The fashion egg” it’s Michelle Tumes Lovely.
Boy:Do you have anything to say to all your blog supporters???
10 million thanx,for always visiting my blog,,,clicking your mouse and typing my URL is an effort that I appreciate a lot,God bless………..:)
 THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG TODAY IN BOLD LETTERS,you might want to read it again with Lovely by Michelle Tumes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltnBXXiMRlQ.
  on the back ground.
Good Luck to what ever plans you have today,come visit my blog again soon thanx,xoxo.

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