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(Disclaimer:No I’m not part of the menu haha)

If you’ve never been to a Thai restaurant because you think you will not like it (you judged their food too soon) or have been to one but did not like what you had (because you ordered the wrong entrée?), well my friend here’s a post dedicated for ya.

WHAT TO DRINK, Thai tea of course, a cold Thai coffee is awesome too, the aroma will make the difference and the taste will linger on (it’s addicting).

WHAT SOUP TO ORDER, You have two choices TOM KHA or TOM YUM, most of the ingredients are the same, kaffir leaves, galangal, lemon grass, cilantro, cayenne pepper but TOM KHA (which I now know how to make ehem) is coconut milk based while TOM YUM is tomato based, either way I promise you, these two alone will make you change your mind about Thai food forever.

WHAT CURRY TO CHOOSE, curry is not Thai exclusive, but if you’re in for a real Thai food adventure, then set the red, yellow and green curry aside, be bold and go for the curry that says “I’m Thai in every slurp or bite”, the “panang curry” (caution this is very very spicy), best eaten with white rice.

SALAD, go straight to the point, order PAPAYA SALAD period.

APPETIZER,  satay, which means small pieces of grilled meat on a stick, marinated with curry and dipped on a peanut based sauce.

NOODLES, PAD THAI, a little piece of advice, find a place with good reviews about their Pad Thai, because not everybody does it the same, it’s supposed to taste nutty and sweet but not too sweet.

OTHERS, If you’re looking for protein, highly recommended!!! beef Thai chili basil (because for some reasons? Thai basil was created to make beef taste heavenly.

DESSERT, if you still have a space for a sweet treat, try STICKY RICE WITH MANGO, BUT! please don’t order this when mangoes are not in season (I guess you already know why).

Good luck finding the right Thai food and restaurant for you.

Top and bottom:H&M clearance sale/shoes:Tilly’s/sunnies:Katespade

Thanks for coming over.

Photo credits: Martina.

Location: The Wild Thai-ger Phoenix, AZ

hugs, binG ♥

All food photos are not mine,they belong to the original photographer and or website.





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To God be the glory.


  1. Margot says:

    I love thai restaurant so well, a lot better than korean resaurant, haha !
    I love your outfits as well !
    Nice top.


  2. kellmenow says:

    Beautiful BING! Thank you for this post. I have never be afraid of Thai food.. Are you sure you’re not on the menu?!?! 😉 Thai is ACTUALLY my favorite food. Is it real Thai, or American Thai? That is something I will need to ask you for further clarification..


  3. Elle says:

    I love Thai food, satay is my favorite, and I love the flavor of Chai. Some of the others ,I am now motivated to try! Love your shirt and shorts, too!
    xx, Elle

  4. Tega Enai says:

    haha!! you ain’t part of the menu. I love Thai noodles.
    Beautiful pictures. Love the contrast of the background and I love your cute, casual outfit. I want the sandals pleasssssseeee.

    Tega Enai

  5. Rebecca says:

    I am a huge fan of Thai food and Pad Thai is my absolute fave! Love your cute look here too! Come check out my latest collab with Express and let me know what you think – Happy Tuesday!


  6. Melis says:

    love Thai food and your suggestions sound awesome!

    xx Melis

  7. I’m actually residing here in Thailand, as an expat. anyways all the foods that you mentioned are my fave, trully they are the best and most requested. ^^


  8. Love that you did a post on this! I’ve been wanting to try Thai food :). xx, Erin – http://www.stylebythepeople.com

  9. I seriously love this! We are huge Thai food fans over here!


  10. IMAN says:

    Totally agree. Satay is just bae (I’ve been addicted ever since I tried it in Malaysia as a kid), and I really wanna try sticky mango rice next!! Also, super cute outfit – these sandals are beautiessss.
    Much love xx

    Iman @ Manigazer

  11. Yvonne says:

    Love love love Thai food! Your post is making me hungry!


  12. shamuboo says:

    Well nothing on the list scared me away. I am told I am a picky eater and maybe I am. The idea of Thai food sounded scary but your description makes it sound tasty. May have to sample, even if there is no dish called Legs of Bing listed on the menu 🙂 Your outfit is cute and sweet and you so lovely! And I appreciate being able to see those wonderful legs!! You have no idea how much I enjoy them. Took me a very long, very happy time to get through all the pictures 😉 Thanks and hugs dear!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    • Bing says:

      Oh Shamu Shamu and your legs thing,did you like looking at my veinss too? haha, try Thai food and try something very very spicy, it’s not gonna take you away from the legs but it’s an adventure you don’t wanna miss😊

  13. Blvck Bee says:

    Wow you just got me SOOO hungry. I love satay and pad thai! I’ve never tried the mango and sticky rice because I can’t get over the mixture but one day!

    Agnes x


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