11/ 12/ 2016


Goal! finally I’m back to making some, and that is to be able to do a perfect downward dog without the feeling of becoming short of breath from the pain on my popliteal fossa (I just wanted to use some fancy word, that actually means the back of  my knee) goal no.1.

So how’s everybody doing? it’s December again, it’s December again already, oh my.

I still like “rose salve” on my lips.

Anthony Bourdain is still my crush (haha).

Still not a Potter head, makes me sad to read the 6th book, I don’t want it to end.

I bought a tiny coffee maker,haha, does that mean I’m a full-blown coffeeholic now?

Discovered a new hip place for coffee, beers and cocktails in Phoenix, aside from the great looking interior? I love the fact that they’re open till midnight everydayyyy, yes that’s something to celebrate here in the valley, check them out here.

Favorite Netflix documentary: Valley Uprising.

Let me talk more about Valley Uprising (Netflix), this is an ugh My G, the photography, the cinematography, the history, the culture, the narration, the story of success, failure, humility, sense of adventure, nature and life in general, this is the kind of documentary I love watching over and over and over again,, you might not like it, but girl,,,,, I’M in love (maybe because it talks about climbing?).

½ cup almond milk + ½ cup water, a tsp. or 2 of raw cocoa powder, microwave for 2 minutes + a good book or a good Korean soap opera,,, is my ahhhhh HEAVEN.

Getting better with sticking to a 3x week yoga class, and here’s a flexibility update: still can’t touch my toes (haha), make that goal no. 2.

Now let me preach a bit (haha some more),,,,,,

Guys life is simple, let’s not make it complicated, don’t chase someone else’s dream, go chase yours, don’t travel, don’t hike, don’t drink coffee, don’t eat ice cream if don’t feel like it, sleep if you must, do your own thing, mold your own “YES! THIS IS MY HAPPINESS”.

And YES! December, these, all of these are my happiness.

Go get some awesomeness, you  have it there, feel it, find it, use it.

Thanks for coming over, nice meeting you here.

hugs, Bing♥

Photo credit: Boyfriend (my husband)

Location: Downtown Flagstaff, AZ


4 responses to “WHAT’S UP DECEMBER”

  1. Elle says:

    Bing, What a fun and sweet post. Just what I was hoping to read, Congrats on your yoga goals, and yes, to coffee till midnight. I will check out that Netflix feature, sounds good. Love your adorbs sweater and furry coat! someone looks festive and beautiful!
    Enjoy lots of peace, and make some great holiday memories.
    How quiet it looks there, ahhh..
    xx, Elle

  2. Noma M says:

    Open until midnight everyday, now that’s awesome lol!
    Such a fun post.

    XoXo Noma

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