13/ 11/ 2016



Congratulations Donald Trump.

Anthony Bourdain is still my crush.

Hiking!!!!! moonlight hiking!!! I think is the perfect example of a karma that snapped! you sweat, you almost run out of breath, your calves hurt, but the peak and the sight beyond that is your instant karma, and maybe that’s why I can’t stop doing it.

I attended my first full yoga class this month, it doesn’t mean I can touch my toes without bending my knees, but!!! breathing through my throat and posing like a fish thru a “fish pose” are yet 2 instant karmas I should be grateful for.

I found the best place to get a matcha latte in Phoenix, AZ, thanks song bird tea and coffee, should you decide to visit them, the parking lot is at the back of the cafe, just an FYI.

If I’ve said I have goals in the past, scratch that now, because I’m probably the only person who doesn’t have one, but surprisingly, I am “superly” more motivated than I have been in the past months.

I am happier, I always feel like I have so much endorphins flowing in my veins and I wish I know how to share this with others, and maybe that’s why  I don’t see why people are so angry over Trump’s victory,,,, disappointed I would understand, but angry? I don’t get it, I’m sorry (go find some endorphins peeps).

I don’t remember ever making ill wishes to others, nope, not even to the anti Trump protesters, but do I question their motive? no! but do I question the violence? the destruction of properties? yes! and is that Trumps’s fault? ha!! it’s easy to point fingers, think about it.

I have colds today.

I can lift 50 pounds on a dead lift.

I love “rose salve” on my lips.

Obsessed of finding Harry Potter 6 and 7 at goodwill.

Goodwill is my new happy place.

I know I’m a closet introvert, a pseudo extrovert.

I’m married to Boyfriend (yeah Boyfriend is my husband).

Happy November guys, thanks for coming over.

hugs, Bing♥

Location: Meteor Crater, Winslow, AZ

Photo Credit: Boyfriend.



14 responses to “WHAT’S UP NOVEMBER”

  1. Elle says:

    You look so strong and heroic in these shots! Love them! Have a wonderful Holiday!
    I also love your hashtag!
    xx, Elle

  2. shamuboo says:

    The random thoughts are adorable. I hope they come into your mind just like that, just pop pop pop, topic to topic. My mind is in an endless array of shifts and turns and I often get “what made you think of that” or “where did that come from” when I share my thoughts. And these pictures are lovely. The brick frame is so cool, smart to choose it. And of course I especially enjoyed picture 2 (twice just between us ;D) Your legs are so gorgeous!! Also that video you posted on IG from the exercise bike too. I know you will just laugh at me but I really appreciate you sharing so much!

  3. Ugh those Trump protests are driving me crazy and hypocritical. Great post.

    Brianna from City Fashion Girl

  4. Anne says:

    I wish we had something as great as Goodwill here. I really envy people doing hauls about it. So much great finds!

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  5. Shybiker says:

    Great pictures. I like your photo-credit; never saw that before!

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