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We’ve been to Sedona far too many times that we became too familiar with the usual spots, I know where to get my Chinese food, my Thai food, my pizza my Mexican food and even my margarita.

On this trip we decided to take a detour and try some of the hidden gems of Sedona, here’s one of the many places I want to share with you guys, this place is called the Indian Gardens Cafe & Market.If you’re looking for great food, good ambiance and in the mood to be one with nature, then here’s a cool spot to check out.


Because I can only suggest what I tried, let me suggest their hot chocolate for the kids, and their mocha coffee for us adults, you have to request an art coffee though to get this design.

Their ham and eggie, egg sammie were superb, we tried their brekky bowl but I wasn’t too crazy about it, maybe because I’m not a big potato fan (not unless it’s french fries haha).


Our favorite are their croissant and their cheese Danish, we were lucky to have the last piece of the Danish that day, yum yum to the 10th power, haha.


This is how the interior looks like (look at that ceiling) I was lucky to snap a photo before it became too crowded, if this is already awesome, wait till you see the surprise waiting at the back of this place, please scroll down, thank you.


Here’s the the surprise I was talking about! the garden at the back, how cozy is this right? I don’t have to tell you what’s going on, I’ll let the photos speak for them selves, and yes those throws are provided.




How to get there: From uptown Sedona, take 89A North towards Flagstaff, it’s about 10 minutes drive, when you see the trout farm to the right, you know you’re close they are on the left side of the street, it’s hard to miss this spot, but if you do, know that you are not supposed to go past slide rock.


Thanks for coming over, have a great week ahead of you guys, and please come visit Sedona soon, you will love it, this place is a poetic without having to say a word.

hugs, binG.

Image below is not mine it belongs to Indian Gardens Cafe & Market.

1442984869598To God be the glory.

13 responses to “WHERE TO EAT IN SEDONA”

  1. Stylehue says:

    Such a cute family 🙂 That hot chocolate and mocha looks amazing !

  2. Yvonne says:

    It seems to be a really great spot for a weekend brunch! Love the cozy rugs in the garden and their croissant does look very yummy!


  3. Elle says:

    Amazing photos of you, your family, the beautiful scenery and the food, I am so hungry looking at this! tHe croissant , yum! iF I ever get there I know where to go!
    Xx, Elle

  4. Un lugar precioso, seguro que lo habeis disfrutado mucho en familia.

  5. The food looks soo good! I’m hungry now haha (:
    Nati xx

  6. Eunice says:

    Oooh… I love exploring new parts of familiar places! Looks like you found yourself a new “spot” 🙂 Also, that accent scarf is wonderful.

    Eunice | penny for her thoughts

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